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You miss people in different ways and I don’t really miss people who are still alive- if they wanted to be around- they would.

Most people think of “missing” someone as in someone who has died and my wife and I have lost a ton of people over the last several years-

Her grandmother and grandfatherHer uncleMy cousinMy momA couple of my aunts

Of course we miss each of them, in their own certain ways. I miss hanging out and being stupid with my cousin and I miss my mom (from about 20 years ago). I don’t miss watching my mom slowly die over the last 10 years.

I don’t really miss my aunts because I was never super close to them but there was always that chance of running into them at Wal-Mart or something and it was like seeing a long lost relative that you hadn’t seen forever and it was nice to do a quick catch up but it’s hard to miss people you were never really close to.

I miss my wife’s grandparents because we spent a lot of holidays with them and I never had the chance to have grandparents and they were just great people. I miss my wife’s uncle who would always stop whatever he was doing to help you.

Some people die way too early in life and some people spend decades slowly and painfully passing away.

Death has always fascinated me- not in a scary way but in a very sad, sort of “never knowing” way. It’s not that the person is gone because, as an atheist, I see death different than most people- those folks simply don’t exist any longer. The sad part is when you think of all the things they won’t ever get to know.

Death is sad for those who die early or by accident but it’s relieving for those who have suffered for years and years…and for those who have watched loved ones suffer for years and years.

If you follow me on Facebook (SharkyHitchens), I shared a video the other day called “Seeing Time of Death” and it’s really interesting and everyone should see.

Now I’m rambling about death…so on with the day.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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