Fat Tuesday 01.29.2019

The last Fat Tuesday of January already!!!! What in the hell is going on- this month is almost over and it just started???

January will go down as a failure- which really sucks. I think I’ll end the month with a 1-3 lbs loss, which is pathetic for me- I’m still over 300 lbs. and I should be dropping 10 lbs a month- easily.

I continue to have a couple cheat days each month and spend the rest of the time just trying to recover from them- I was down to 304.2 lbs (my lowest) and then got sick and used that as a bullshit excuse and gained back up to 315.8 lbs but now I’m back to 307.8 lbs and finally back on track.

I should be able to get back down by Feb 1stand still show a loss for January but I’m so damn tired of killing myself just for a couple of pounds here and there. It takes me about a week of hard work just to recover from a cheat day or two and it’s not worth it, yet I continue to do it.

I have 34 days until I turn 41 years old and I really need to be under 300 lbs by then…this is getting fucking ridiculous. I’ve come so damn far to just hit the spot where I go up and down and maintain- workout for weeks JUST to have a cheat day- I’m not there yet…this is NOT the weight I want to maintain.

I set up a decent plan and I’m trying to get on it…giving myself to Feb 1st to fully follow it (the main problem is getting up at 5:30am!) but I’m back on Sharketo, back to exercising and back to drinking more water and I can already tell a difference. Should be back into ketosis by Feb 1st and then I need to just murder February and walk into 41 under 300 lbs and ready to fuck shit up.

I went back and looked and this time last year I was exactly 407.8 lbs so that is exactly 100 lbs different between the years.

On my 40th birthday I was at 386.2 lbs- which means I dropped 21.6 lbs between Jan 29, 2018 and Mar 3, 2018…so I know I can lose 7.8 lbs!

I have to truly get tired of playing this damn game and just get it done…once I get down to 240 lbs then I can have a cheat day here and there and recover and maintain but until then- shit’s gotta stop!

Honestly…I should be 299 lbs by NEXT TUESDAY…no reason I can’t be.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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