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I honestly don’t have many “winter” memories- when I think of winter, I think of snow and we normally only get 3-4 actual snow days, per year, in Kentucky and most of those are spent staying warm in the house.

I’ve never been much of a “cold” person- I love watching snow fall but don’t care much for going out in it, building snowmen or having snowball fights- I much prefer staying warm.

Even as a kid, I remember waiting for that “no school” to go across the TV but then, once it did, I don’t really much remember what I did- probably play video games and lay around and eat. Up until high school, I went to a city school so snow days were few and far between and then I switched to a county school during high school and if a flake fell- then school was called off!

One of the best memories I have was only a few years ago when we build our first actual snowman with our son- we actually build a snow man and snow woman. Like I said, I was never really the snow type but it seemed like something that must be done and we really put everything we had into it. My wife and I were both way overweight and I remember not even being able to breath but we kept going until we finally got them finished…boobs and all!

We were all really proud of them…on top of building them, we had a snowball fight and just played in the snow.

I went back and found the picture- January 26th, 2014!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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