Be Happy.

Two words that can change your entire outlook on life. Two words that have become my internal motto. The meaning of life isn’t a mystery- it’s those two words.

I highly regret that it took me 40 years to figure that out.

I doubt anyone notices but I’ve been streaming and I have had as many as THREE people watching at once! I’ve been posting some YouTube videos and average about 20 views per video with a few getting over 100.

These aren’t huge numbers. These aren’t numbers that are really worth the time, effort and even money that I’ve already put into it…so why continue to do it?

I keep playing Fortnite (and other games) when I know I am terrible at them. I mean, last night I actually killed a person on stream and lost my shit. That was a win for me- I became “Fat Ninja” at that exact moment and was king of Fortnite. (I was killed soon after that.)

Honestly- I’m getting very little support- even from my “Facebook friends” and I’m not sure if they just don’t give a shit or don’t see the stuff I post- algorithms are bullshit.

Example- I have over 1,000 likes on my Commons4Kids Facebook yet every post gets an average of 100 views- not likes/comments but out of 1,000 people- Facebook only shows about 10% of them what I actually post.

I am averaging about 100-200 views per day on from different states, IPs, etc. so I know people are reading the stuff. I know the stuff is “getting out there” but- even that isn’t the overall goal of what I’m doing.

The overall goal is- Be Happy.

The more videos I make and the more streams I do- the happier I am and I get more comfortable with myself. I spent 40 years being introverted around others, being shy and worrying about what the world thought and I’ve come to realize three other very important words- Fuck the World.

If playing video games and talking to an audience that doesn’t even exist makes me happy…I’m going to do it. If researching and learning about real American history and then writing a mini essay about it makes me happy- even if no one reads it- I’m going to write it.

Being happy isn’t about others- it’s about yourself. I have wasted so much damn time on just flat out bullshit and I’m seriously done with it.

I’m removing things and people from my life, almost daily, if it brings negativity into my life and I’m trying to do stuff daily that makes me happy.

Maybe it’s the ketosis talking but, even though I have a few bad days here and there, I’m killing adulthood. I’ve never been happier or healthier and it’s because of those two words.

And I’m not talking about that temporary eating a high calorie candy bar because it makes you happy while you eat it- I’m talking about that long term, getting your life in order and truly being happy.

With all that said…I think I may do some coloring tonight.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

(PS- the kids today call it “living your best life”…either way…make that shit happen!)

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