48 of 365

People always talk about all the charity they would do if they won the lottery or something but I’m already kicking the charity ass with Commons4Kids. I would take C4K nationwide and be able to donate trading cards to kids all over the country. I would try to set up C4K areas in every single state and be able to pay folks to help run those and create a system where cards can flow in and out and be able to get cards to more kids. If money was no object we could do so much more than we are able to do right now.

We are a bit limited with how far we can go and how many cards we can take at once- we could have easily already passed the 10 million cards donated and done it several years ago.

Of course, I would also be super selfish and buy some cars, Pokemon cards, gaming stuff.

On top of all of that- I would quit my job and become a full time streamer and be able to focus more on Sharketo, SharkysWorld or Sharky Hitchens in general.

Finally, I would pack up my family and move to New Zealand- which is a life long dream- and run C4K from there- through each states headquarters.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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