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When I was in kindergarten, we moved to Nebraska and there was a little girl that I thought was “cute”- I thought this because my mom told me and because I still have pictures of her and I together- we were picked to be “crown bearers” for the local high schools homecoming game. However, I don’t really remember that so I wouldn’t call it my first “crush”. I was also told that I had a “girlfriend” in first grade but I don’t remember that either.

Who I do remember is Edna Crowe.

Back when I was “becoming a man”- my mom cleaned houses for a few folks and there was one lady that I was crazy over. I believe I was still in middle school- at least around that age and sometimes I would go with my mom if it was a weekend or no school or something.

She looked a lot like Reba McEntire with amazing red hair; she was gorgeous and I didn’t even care who knew. Everyone knew I had a crush on her, even her husband. I thought I was in love with that lady and she was probably 10 or so years older than me.

Around that time I had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out and I hate needles and all of that type of stuff so my mom had Edna go with me to keep me calm (because I didn’t want to look like a baby in front of my future wife.)

This may get a bit too graphic for some folks but there is one situation that really sticks out. We didn’t have school for some reason so I went with my mom and Edna’s house just happen to be on the schedule for that day but I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize I would be there as well. She had been busy getting ready for work and answered the door- fresh out of the shower wearing only panties and a thin white t-shirt…and she hadn’t had time to dry off.

Sooooooooooooo…..here was this gorgeous lady, who I had a massive crush on, standing there in panties and a wet, white, see through t-shirt.

That was the day I not only became a man but I realized that I was a boob man as well!

My mom and Edna remained friends and I don’t think my crush ever really went away but I moved out and did my own think and one day my mom informed me that Edna had passed away- from cancer, if I remember correctly, back in 2007…but that image is forever burned into my head (sorry to my wife for that).

I think that may be the reason I was such a huge fan of The Reba Show- she was a gorgeous lady who was very friendly and just an overall nice person who had passed away far too soon- like so many people do.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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