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My wife.

Sounds a bit easy but since this is a “writing” prompt- I guess I should go into more detail about what I valued back in 2003.

Back then I was a “bachelor”- had my own apartment and wasn’t really looking for something long term- just a cute face with big boobs (sorry/not sorry for the honesty.)

So, when I saw this cute girl on Yahoo Personals, I sent an ice breaker and we started talking and I found out she had big boobs- that was about it, so I invited her over. Based on her ignorance (or fate) – she drove an hour to meet me, around 10pm at night, at my apartment in the projects.

Smart girl.

When I opened the door, I instantly feel in love…and I mean, drop everything and everyone and move in with this girl- I would have married her that moment.

We hit it off and have spent every single day together since then and she has every single thing I could ever want in a best friend and life partner. She is gorgeous with big boobs. Done. Remember 4 paragraphs above??

Honestly- she is so much more than that- she is my best friend, we like the same things, we think the same but also see just enough differently to keep it interesting. We enjoy doing the same things- she’s honest, loyal, sweet, caring, annoying and has the worst sense of humor (which also makes it the best!) She’s hard working, organized and puts up with me being a complete asshole- that does NOT go un-noticed.

I used to think I was just looking for someone I could tolerate for long periods of time but then I met her and finally understood what a relationship/marriage should be. One of those things that makes you realize that all of those other times you thought you were in love- meant literally nothing.

I had no clue what I valued in a romantic partner until I met her and now I realize that there isn’t another person on this earth that possesses all the things I value in her.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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