Fat Tuesday 02.19.2019

No, you didn’t miss Fat Tuesday 02.12.2019- there wasn’t much to say because I did the same bullshit I’ve been doing so I simply posted about The Color Run that my wife and I joined- that is coming up in June. I also made a quick video about it on YouTube.

While this week wasn’t much better- there is good news and bad news so why not do a quick little update.

The bad news – we went to Cincinnati over the weekend to donate some cards, do some shopping and celebrate Valentine’s Day. We went to Jungle Jim’s, which is an amazing place, and there was no way I wasn’t going to screw up.

The good news – I always like looking at the good side of things (as much as I can) and this week was loaded with good stuff. We went to Cincinnati and donated 50,000 trading cards to a great placed called Crayons 2 Computers. We got to visit the original Jungle Jim’s, we found 3 new flavors of G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ sauce and we found some new flavors of Russell Stovers Sugar Free candy. While I did cheat for a few hours on Saturday- I quickly recovered and didn’t cheat on Sunday. PLUS…we went to Logan’s and it was shitty- which is good because it’s easy to not cheat again when your cheat meal was shitty.

(Pics below are from Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, OH)

While I’m still a decent number away from 299 lbs and I may have killed any chances of hitting that before my 41st birthday- I am down 6.4 lbs from my huge screw up back on Feb 5th!

Finally- my Feb isn’t really going to end until the morning of Sunday, March 3rd…my 41st birthday! I don’t want to have multiple “goals” so I’m pushing Feb 1st and Mar 3rd together into one goal- it’s my journey and I can do what I want.

I still have 13 days (including today) to stay back on track and make some progress…so I haven’t given up yet- even though I made it much harder on myself. I would love to hit 299 lbs by March 3rd but if I don’t- I won’t quit trying…I will get there eventually. This is a lifetime journey so while it sucks to not hit goals- those goals aren’t going anywhere.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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