51 of 365

Ahhh shit son! Now this is one I can really get into- I got so much shit I’m looking forward to that it’s mind-blowing…so let’s just jump into it!

March 3rd – turn 41 years old
March 26th – 3rd row to see Impractical Jokers (a birthday gift to myself)
May 26th – wedding anniversary- not as important as October 20rh though but still important
June 29th – first Color Run – Louisville, KY
July 20th – first roller coaster; one year anniversary of losing my mom
September 7th – CASA Super Hero Fun Run (2nd time)
September 15th – I become the father of a teenager!
October 20th – celebrate the completion of the 16th full year with my amazing wife
Oct-Dec – my favorite time of the year

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything- I plan on having a full year but there are a ton of other things I’m looking forward to- events that don’t really have a date.

I should get down to 299 lbs soon. I plan to get down to 240 lbs this year as well and when that happens- I’m getting a reward tattoo of “440” somewhere.

Sometime in Spring, we should pass the 10 million trading cards donated to kids- through Commons4Kids!

I plan to learn more about YouTube videos and streaming- playing awesome video games, doing art stuff, writing and just enjoying life.

I look forward to every single night- getting to snuggle up to my amazing wife and I look forward doing that until the day I die.

I look forward to watching my son suffer through those teenage years (not really looking forward to it but it’s something we all have to do). I look forward to seeing him go through high school- graduating and seeing what he does with his life.

Finally- I look forward to winning the lottery and moving to New Zealand once I retire and live a happy little life surrounded by beauty….and sheep. (Yes, I’m surrounded by sheep here in America but that is a totally different kind of “animal”.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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