I haven’t said much about the Jussie Smollett case because I’ve learned, thanks to Philly D, to basically keep my mouth shut until more information comes out- that’s also another reason why I’ve stopped posting on my personal Facebook. I had a really bad habit of hearing something and just going with it and now I’m trying to let situations play out and then write about them in more details- after facts come out and I do some research.

When I first heard about the Smollett attack, I was both angry and sad. Hate crimes are on the rise and Trump being president honestly gives those people more reason to believe it’s OK. The first thing you want to do is believe this person because that situation is a reality for so many people.

Then information starts coming out to show that he may be lying…and now he’s been arrested for disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.

I honestly have no idea what to believe in this situation- but I will say this- if Mr. Smollett filed a false police report and created this situation himself, he did more damage to his cause than Trump ever could. Not only does he ruin his career but he gives the “other side” ammo to claim that hate crimes aren’t on the rise and this could lead to actual victims being ignored and looked at as “crying wolf.”

I’m not sure if people do this type of stuff for attention or they see a problem and want to make it seem bigger than it is in order to try to make change…but trust me…we don’t need false situations created because there are already plenty real ones out there.

If this was a false police report- not only did Mr. Smollett make the attack seem homophobic but also racist as well and it’s disgusting and does more damage than if the attack had actually happened. If the attack happened, then you find who did it and society looks at those individuals as “bad people” but if the entire situation is a lie- then that hurts the creditability of all future hate crimes reported.

I never watched Empire and I had no clue who Jussie Smollett was until this event- maybe that was the reasoning behind it- he’s slowly becoming a household name but I would rather be an unknown nobody then to cause that much damage to two separate groups of people who already have to face enough in our society as it is.

It may still be too early to talk about the case because no one has been found guilty of anything but it does seem the story is falling apart and it’s not looking good for Mr. Smollett.

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