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This is a pretty deep one…and on a Friday??

I think one of the most defining moments in my life was my dad leaving when I was just a baby and growing up without a father; not only did I lose a parent but I lost his entire side of the family including grandparents. I believe my mom parents died while I was extremely young so I never really had much “family” besides my mom.

I had some aunts and uncles that I would see from time to time and some cousins that we would see in Wal-Mart but rarely did we go visit many of them and we never really went to family reunions or anything like that- this is why, when my mom died, I felt like I lost my entire family at once.

I fully understand that I’ve been with my wife for 16 years and I have a 12 year old son and that is my family but it’s still a bit different.

Based on the way I was raised- I never really needed or wanted many friends because it was usually just me and my mom. Even through high school, I had a small group of about 5 friends but they were basically “hand me down” friends that I got from a cousin and they were in a higher grade so once they graduated- it was just me again.

Another big moment was when I was expelled from Danville High School and my mom moved us to “the country” and I started going to Boyle County High School. Long story short, I had a prescription for a pill that I took due to having migraines. We took the bottle of pills to the office and I was supposed to go and get one if I needed. I went down to get one and the secretary gave me the whole bottle to keep instead of just giving me one. They were narcotics and it was a zero tolerance school. Asshate (and then principal) Bob Rowland wanted to use me as an example and did just that. There were later rumors that I was snorting cocaine and tons of other shit but the fact was- Rowlands folks fucked up and he wasn’t man enough to take responsibility for it so he pushed it off onto a freshman.

Another event that comes to mind, while maybe not directly defining, does seem to have help push me to where I am today. I remember, in 5th grade at Toliver Elementary School, I would bring my trading cards to school and while other kids were trading- I would mostly give them away; I used it as a way to try to make friends- that sort of led to Commons4Kids and donating almost 10 million trading cards to kids.

In all honesty- a person’s entire childhood defines them- from growing up on welfare, food stamps and in the projects to the way my mom fed me. Even our annual trip to Lexington is one of the reasons why I think I want to go shopping almost every weekend now. Not only was it a rare treat that I can do whenever I want now- I don’t want my son to feel like going to Lexington is a big vacation.

Also…watching Hulk Hogan slam Andre was pretty big for me as well.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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