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I have several good traits- I’m funny, loyal and caring but there is one GIANT one that I have that a lot of others don’t and it highly pisses me off! Everyone should have it but most don’t and I don’t fully understand it.

I show up when I say I will.

I grew up with family members that would tell me they would be a certain place at a specific time and they never showed- not only did they not show but they didn’t even let me know- so I spent a lot of my childhood waiting on people that never showed- from my dad to cousins to just friends.

As an adult- I don’t deal with it well and I will tell you that you are full of shit and I don’t really deal with many people at this point in my life.

We deliver cards on most weekends and a lot of the places we deliver to aren’t even open on the weekends so they have someone meet us and it’s very important to be on time OR let those people know exactly where we are and when we’ll be there if we are running late. I totally understand something coming up but you have the common decency to let those waiting on you know. I probably do that TOO much but if we say we’ll be there at 10am and our GPS says we won’t be there until 10:05am- the first thing I do is text the person and let them know where we are and what the GPS says and then I text them as we get closer or if the GPS says it will take longer due to traffic or something.

Show up when you say you will and let people know when things aren’t working out. DON’T have people wasting time (even entire fucking days) waiting on you. AND never tell folks “I’m on my way” when you are still setting on home, on your couch, with no intentions of actually showing up.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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