Fat Tuesday 02.26.2019 (Early)

Dear Universe,

You know you done fucked up- right?

In 2018, you kept hitting me with shit and I kept getting back up- all be it slower and slower each time and then finally I stopped fighting and gave in. Once I gave in, I was on the ropes and I’ve been getting the shit beat out of me for two months.

I killed myself to lose just ONE pound in January and then- the day of my weigh in, I knocked myself back down and went on a 3 day carb eating extravaganza and when the gravy had stopped flowing…I was back to 321.8 on February 4th. I picked myself up and wrote it in my journal- a massive gain- a massive failure.

Over the next couple of weeks- I staggered but kept punching and I finally did it. I made it through a weekend without screwing up- no fast food, no candy, no cakes, no bullshit…and I actually lost weight. Even on my good weekends, I rarely lost weight due to over eating “keto friendly” snacks.

This weekend was a bit different though- I had one bowl of our Sharketo Chileto (from recipes section) instead of the normal two- low carb doesn’t mean low calorie. We made cookies (from recipes section) and we still have cookies left over today…I know right??? On top of all of that- I worked out both Saturday and Sunday and then had no problems getting up this morning at 5:30am for my cardio and boxing.

This week is going to be a bit different…no more staggering and trying to block punches…it’s time to come out swinging. 6 full days until my birthday and until I want to be under 300 lbs and I don’t care if it’s a single ounce under and it doesn’t even last a day- I want to see that number start with a two.

So- you get an early “Fat Tuesday” because ketosis has fully kicked back in. I’ve done perfectly for 9 days in a row and I got that feeling yesterday- that feeling of- “eh, I’m not really that hungry right now.” Then it really kicked in this morning- I hopped up and went extra hard on the exercise. I have more energy, less hunger, highly motivated and that “ecstatic” feeling kicked in- those of us who have done keto know that feeling and I got it.

My thought was to hit 299 lbs- hopefully on/by Saturday and then take the weekend off to enjoy my birthday- which would surely put me right back up to around 310 lbs or so and then I have to start all over…but that Sharketo feeling has changed my mind.

I want to keep this feeling and I have planned a cheat day/celebration on April 6th (April 8th would have been my mom’s birthday) and I’ll let myself enjoy that day- but until then- I’m going to swing until I collapse.

To me- this is one of the biggest weeks over the last 14 months- this is the moment that I give it everything I have to hit one specific goal and I’ve screwed up over and over until I’ve pushed myself to the very edge of success.

I was at 308.6 this morning- down from 321.8 lbs back on February 4th and that is WITH cheating each weekend since…except this last one.

To many folks- dropping about 9 lbs in 6 days doesn’t seem possible but I’ve screwed up so much the last few months- my body is going to go into that “drop quick” mode because I’m hitting this with everything I have.

IF 22 hours- eating one meal a day with a Sharketo friendly snack as a dessert and part of the meal.
2-3 exercise routines each day including SATRUDAY and SUNDAY (if I’m not down to 299 lbs. yet).
Extra walking on top of the exercise.
No eating/drinking after 6pm.

I posted this posts picture on social media this morning and I call it “Ready to Fight.”

I’m ‘bout to knock a bitch out.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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