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Most of my encounters with the police have been very positive. One of my friends from school had both parents who were cops and they were always amazing people to me.

Now that I do the Commons4Kids stuff- we donate a lot directly to cops, police programs like DARE or even places like Trooper Island- a summer camp for kids.

There have been a couple of times when I had legal issues with cops and there is no reason to go into detail- one was a legit legal issue based on me being an idiot and I paid for that. I spend a couple nights in jail and ended up reimbursing thousands and thousands of dollars and trying to make up for some of the biggest mistakes of my life.

The other was a situation that never should have happened and I wasn’t in the wrong at all but the system is set up to arrest now and ask questions later. Someone can file a complaint against you, have you arrested and forced to set in jail over the weekend only to then just up and drop the charges for no reason and you can’t really do shit against them.

While I have dealt with a few of those “asshole” cops- for the most part my interactions have been very positive.

Of course, I’m a middle aged, middle class white guy so that doesn’t mean much.

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