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Once people find out I’m an atheist- they seem to get all of these ignorant thoughts- from believing that I worship Satan to just thinking I’m a bad person or have no morals.

It’s really a bit mind blowing because if you don’t believe in ANY gods- including the Christian one then you don’t believe in his arch enemy either. Plus- if you truly lived by the Bible- those morals would have you in prison within just a couple of hours.

I’ve had several situations where I explain what Commons4Kids is- or other charity things I’ve done in the past- and when religion comes up, I’m very open and upfront about being an atheist and their faces always just change. I’ve had people who were 100% on board about working with us just stop all communication when they find out I’m an atheist.

I’ve had people actually say “I thought you were a good guy but not now!” – that is sort of an inside joke for my wife and I. I mean- I’m a good guy because I keep a decent job, take care of my family, I’m loyal, I raise my son, I pay my bills- don’t hit or cheat on my wife, do a ton of charity stuff and would literally help anyone I could….OH BUT WAIT…you don’t believe the same fairy tale as someone….WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

The other thing I think bugs me is that even though I’ve lost 136 lbs.- people still see a morbidly obese person and probably think that I’m lazy and just cram food into my mouth- they have no clue that I get up at 5:30am, on most mornings, and do cardio and boxing. I usually end up exercising 2 hours a day- eat about 1200 calories, under 15g of carbs and I’ve lost over 30% of my body weight over the last 14 months.

First impressions are bullshit and you should NEVER make decisions based on them…unless a gorgeous girl shows up at your door- then you fall in love and marry her; all other situations required far more than just quick conclusions.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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