Stick To The Map

So- where the hell are we exactly?

Let’s figure out where I went wrong and where I am currently. I followed the map for most of 2018 and dropped a shit ton of weight (yes, I measured it and it was actually just a little over a shit ton). I decided to go off the map at the end of 2018 and couldn’t find the right road for most of January 2019. Then I got back on the road but it was bumpy so I went “off-roading” and really got screwed up. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to just slow down- get back on the bumpy road and follow it until I reached my destination.

Today I was exactly where I was at the beginning of February- 304 lbs. All the screwing up and hard work evened out and I’m where I started…but that is GOOD. On February 4th I was back to 321 lbs thanks to a 4 day food binge…so that has been wiped clean.

For the last two weeks, I have been doing amazing and dropping about 1-2 lbs a day and I’m finally back and, technically, this IS the last day of February – however, I decided to extend my February a few days thanks to my birthday on March 3rd. My final “February” weigh in will be on March 3rd- my 41st birthday. I want to be 299.8 lbs or less by that day and, based on the last two weeks, I’m headed towards hitting that- but just barely. (final weigh in is March 3rd- which means my “Cliff Notes” will be posted on that day as well.)

I do plan to do some things that will get me that number on the scale and it’s not “cheating” but it’s doing things I normally do- only all at once. Friday night we are having “breakfast” for dinner so that means EGGS! Saturday I’m going to get in a couple of exercise sessions and then start a small “dry fast” from sometime Saturday to Sunday and then- if I’m not where I want to be Sunday morning, I’m going to get in a few more exercise sessions on Sunday to see if I can sweat out the last few ounces/pounds to hit that 299 lbs mark on Sunday- no birthday dinner or “cake” until I hit that number- Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon or even Sunday night.

Once I hit that number and start drinking again, I will go back to over 300 lbs but not much and I’ll get back into a normal routine and focus on getting back to 299 lbs and lower and staying there. No “carb filled” celebration until April 6th.

You can’t hit 299 lbs and then claim to “never see 300 again!!!” due to weight fluctuation and reality. I’ll go up and down over a week or so but once I get down to about 290 lbs- I should be able to focus on “never seeing 300 again!!!”- you have to be realistic with this stuff.

NOW…with all that said- I still haven’t had that “keto wooosh” yet and you normally lose 3-4 lbs overnight during that wooosh so I could be 299 lbs as early as Friday morning!

That is where we are- 304.8 lbs. Technically 4 full days to hit 299.8 lbs. currently dropping 1-2 lbs per day. Waiting on a wooosh. In ketosis for almost 2 full weeks.

It’s the bottom of the 9th, we are down by one but bases are loaded with 2 outs. A hit ties the game but a fucking home run ends it.

I’m swinging for the home run. (of course, I could strike out…I have a habit of doing that.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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