60 of 365

I already wrote, in detail about one of them a few days ago- folks being late or just not showing up when they say the will.

The thing is people just being full of shit in general- here are a couple of examples.

– we had a friend years ago that lived, literally less than 5 minutes away, but never came to see us- she was high school friends with my wife- but she would always says she never had money for gas. Then, she would post pictures every weekend from bars in Louisville- always with a pretty expensive drink in her hand. Then, I was the “jackass” when I call her out on it. I do that- call people on their bullshit.

-another example- we had some friends that would only hang out with us when we tried to make it happen- we would call, we could make plans. There was a time when I would win tickets on the radio every single week and I would have co-workers call in to win for me so we would have 4 tickets so our friends could go with us…then I slowly stopped doing that because I realize just how close of friends we really were. Then, one day, out of no where I get a text about concert tickets- NOW- my dumbass thought that these folks were asking US to go to a concert with THEM! My mind was blown…but she quickly cleared things up- this was basically the first time she had text me first, after years of “friendship” and she was texting because she wanted me to win HER tickets to the concert.

Needless to say- we have VERY few friends…we could count them on one hand and that seems to be the best way to live life- dealing with NO bullshit.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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