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I have really focused on this exact thing during 2018 and now 2019. I spent the last decade or so under a huge amount of stress and it finally got to me so I tried to make my life happier. Sadly to say, when my mom passed away- most of that stress went away as well. Not only is my life completely different but I’m no longer scared when my phone rings and no longer freak out when I don’t have my phone with me- due to missing a call from the hospital.

I no longer have to drive an hour every Sunday to watch my mom slowly dying in a hospital bed and then drive an hour back- I no longer get calls that she is ripping IVs out or suddenly refusing treatment…90% of my daily stress was caused from that situation and while it always sucks to lose your only parent- it’s an overall better situation for everyone. She is no longer in pain and I had a decade (or more) of stress suddenly lifted off of my shoulders.

Now- I have some minor stress from work and that is about it. I have a decent job, amazing wife and a typical teenager. We both make enough money to keep the bills paid, low carb food on the table and the Pokemon cards flowing. While we have a lot of debt, it’s what I call “life debt” from a house payment, car payment to a loan to reconsolidate a lot of stuff to a much lower interest rate. We both have great credit because we worked our asses off to pay our bills, pay off debt and continue to put ourselves into debt only to prove we could get out of it over and over…and that is what raises that stupid ass score.

I’m down 140 lbs and feel better than I did in my 20s and life is pretty awesome.

My main problem was that I relieved stress through food for most of my life and I still do that when a lot of stress hits me at once but I think I’ve lost so much weight because most of the stress is gone so there isn’t daily emotional eating.

I’ve also really started focusing on playing video games, writing more, doing streams, making stupid YouTube videos, drawing, coloring and just focusing on doing things I enjoy- not to make money and not to become “the best at them” but to just enjoy what time I have left. Eating all the bad food and ballooning up to 440.2 lbs didn’t help relieve the stress but I truly believe that the last 1.5 years of my life have been the less stressed filled and I hope to continue that streak.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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