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I try my best to just avoid awkward situations all together, and for me, that is about 90% of situations in life. I prefer to either chill at home or go out and doing stuff with my wife and son- maybe sister-in-law but that is about as far as it gets.

I’m not comfortable around people I don’t know (and sometimes even around people I do know.) I don’t like going to other peoples houses for things such as parties or just “get togethers.”

I never had a big family- it was always just me and my mom- so I don’t really enjoy the big family get togethers that my wife’s family used to have – they are great people- very friendly and accepting- just large things like that aren’t for me.

I’m usually extremely quiet when I’m not comfortable or feeling awkward and I either play on my phone or just set quietly while the situation plays out around me.

The key is to just not put myself into them and I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot of things and I’m OK with that. I do push myself to go to things like my son’s band concerts but we try to get there early and be one of the first ones. If you have ever been morbidly obese, then you know the feeling of walking into a crowded room or area and having everyone look at you and whisper. This goes from a school function to a concert or event…if you walk in after most people are already seated- it’s a living nightmare because all eyes are on you and everyone is talking about how fat you are, how hard it will be for you to find a seat and how they hope fatty doesn’t set next to them.

That is another reason I basically built the Sharketo Dojo- being the fat guy at a gym is one of the worst things and I never understand it- when a fat person is at the gym- they are trying and people should give them a ton of support and just be decent human beings but that usually doesn’t happen- the fat person feels awkward, unaccepted and just unwanted there and usually ends up quitting. Fat people aren’t always just lazy- sometimes setting at home and eating is far more comforting (and doable) than facing a world that really doesn’t want them in it.

But mostly…just stay home and do our own thing- nothing personal towards anyone…it’s a “me, not you” type of situation.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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