Cliff Notes – 2019 – Chapter Two

2019 – Missing Link

Chapter Two – Roller Coaster (Feb)

If you have been following along, you know that I plan to ride my first roller coaster on July 20th but it seems that in February, the universe decided to give me a taste of what it would be like.

I started February at 304.2 lbs and then quickly decided to say “screw it” and went on a 4 day binge of all the junk I could find- no clue why honestly. When the gravy cleared- I was at 321.8 lbs on February 4th- yes, you can gain that much weight in just a few days and while it’s mostly water weight, it is still a lot of actual “fat” and it usually takes me a week or so of killing it to work off just ONE cheat day.

I spent the rest of February trying to recover from that- I would do amazing during the week, drop down and then screw up on the weekend again and go back up some- thankfully I was going down faster than I was going up so my weight was dropping a little bit each week.

The last two weeks of February, I got through a couple of weekends without screwing up and added some decent weight loss together and hit 299.6 lbs on March 2nd.

I extended February to last until March 3rd (my 41st birthday) so my overall loss for February was -4.6 lbs which isn’t bad…of course, then I had my monthly binge to “celebrate” my birthday which led to accidentally eating a fennel seed- which I’m highly allergic to- which lead to 25 hours of torment, pain and puking. I didn’t want to weigh again until April 1st but after the several day binge, several days of puking, I was really interested in where I settled- March 5th I was back to 311.2 lbs but I’m OK with that…my February binge pushed me all the way up to 312.8 lbs!!! So I’m extremely excited about that weight.

I’m now back on track and back to killing it- I’m still recovering from being sick- it takes A LOT out of me but I’m slowly feeling back to normal. Getting the food back under control, going to do some light cardio and boxing this week to build up some strength- I was very weak from all the puking- and then starting weights again on Monday.

Here is what my face looked like after 25 hours of puking and dry heaving —sexy, huh???

I still have to lose 59 lbs between now and July 20th and I plan to do as strict keto as I can to hit that goal.

I need March to be a big month where I get back under 300 lbs and far enough under so that I stay there and I know how to do that- no cheat days…if I can put several weeks together with no cheat days, then I’ll see that weight drop.

Set back after set back (many I have done to myself) but I’m still fighting and still moving forward- sharks never stop swimming.

SW – 440.2 lbs
CW – 299.6 lbs

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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