Fat Tuesday 03.05.2019

Holy Crap…what an update you asshats got coming your way!!

I busted my ass for 2 weeks straight and I woke up at 299.6 lbs on Saturday, March 2nd…the day before my birthday. I had decided to try to stay Sharketo for my birthday but once I saw that I had made it to 299 lbs I lost it and went on a wonderful binge- I figured, if you are going to cheat at any time- your birthday is the best time.

So I went a bit crazy on Saturday and had a ton of bad food….tried to get back on track on Sunday but that was actually my birthday…then all hell broke loose.

For about 20 years, I have had an issue where I eat a specific thing and it makes me deathly sick for about a day or two and I mean extreme pain that causes me to cry and basically beg for death- on top of that it gives me explosive diarrhea (sexy) and violent vomiting – this last for hours and hours and hours.

Several years ago, with the help of my amazing wife, we realized that this was happening because I was allergic to fennel seed (AKA The Devil’s Seed).

I’ve done research to find out what pizza places use it, I completely stay away from things like Italian Sausage or places like Carinos. I’ve confirmed that Little Caesars (my favorite pizza) does NOT use it…but I guess they changed some recipes lately.

We got a pizza and some cheesy sticks and we never get their sauce to dip them in but this time they rang it up anyway so I ate it- two bites and I look down to see what looks like fennel seed.

TWO FUCKING BITES. In those two bites, I couldn’t have had more than 1-2 fennel seeds.

I woke up Monday morning at 3:30am with that extremely awful taste in my mouth and I knew what was coming….the last time I puked was around 4:30am Tuesday morning- 25 hours of pain, crying, puking and everything else you can imagine. There was a small break but it really kicked in last night about 11:30pm and it was torture until about 4:30am.

I assure you- every bit of cheat food I had on Saturday and Sunday didn’t get digested. I felt a little better yesterday and was starving and weak so I ate some bad stuff…which didn’t set well either so it all came back up.

How many carbs can you digest from just having food in your belly for a little bit and then coming right back out?

The good news- the taste went away and I got a good 2 hours of sleep so I’m ready to go- and I’m doing something I said I never would- STRICT KETO.

I’m a fan of Sharketo- which is my adapted version of lazy keto but I have 138 days (roughly 4.5 months) to lose 59 lbs. My birthday “fun” is over and it’s time to get serious and strict.

I’m not going to be weighing myself daily or even weekly at this point- I can’t take the stress…I’ll still be posting my Fat Tuesday (blog and vlog) just to keep track of how the week went but my official weight will be the first of each month- April, May, June and July with my “final” weigh in coming on July 20th to see where I’m at. I say final because that is when I want to hit my 200 lbs lost goal- I’ll still weigh each month after that but I don’t plan on focusing as much on weight but more on maintaining, endurance and strength which you can’t measure on a scale.

I’ve now lost over 70% of my overall goal- so I guess you could say this is the final stretch to get to where I want to be and then I can focus on maintaining it.

I’m trying to get into my head that being so sick over the last two days is a direct result of cheating, eating junk and carb loading.

I honestly can’t go through that again- not mentally or physically. Sadly, this means that my planned cheat day for to celebrate my mom’s birthday on April 6th is changing- no Giovanni’s pizza…the risk is not worth it. She did love White Caste though so that is the new planned celebration/cheat and that is the only cheat meal I will hopefully have between now and July 20th.

I’m not stepping on the scale again until April 1st…the last time I weighed I was at 299.6 lbs…I have 59.4 bs to lose and should easily do that in two munths. (not a typo.)

Everything that goes into my mouth is getting tracked in MFP- every ounce of water to every green bean.

Just another setback that’s now over…..sharks never stop swimming.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS- I’m getting about 65 hits per day so if you are following, you will notice that I greatly slacked on the #TreySixtyFi- those have been written but I didn’t feel like getting them uploaded but they should be up today. Fat Tuesday YouTube video tonight, streaming 6pm-8pm tomorrow night. Getting back on schedule.

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