67 of 365

This is a weird one because no one really wants to think about the disappointments in life- sort of a bummer.

However, I would have to say that my biggest disappoint was back in 2006- I had spent 2005 putting myself through hell- 1 hour long cardio on the bike- daily, counting calories and eating shit I hated to lose over 100 lbs and got down to 295 lbs but I was only there a short while and quickly gave up- gained it all back and ballooned up to over 440 lbs and I told myself- year after year- that I would get back on track…and before I knew it, over a decade had past and I was fatter than ever and was never able to get back on track.

Then keto came along- I researched it, started it and now I’m back down to 299 lbs- only a little ways from where I was but this time I lost about 30 lbs more than I had back in 2005 and none of it felt like torture.

I’m comfortable knowing that I’m still fighting and can have a cheat day or few days without letting it get too out of control because keto is pretty easy to stay on and I don’t look at exercising as torture any longer and, by being able to eat high fat, you still get to eat amazing stuff and keep a full feeling- you aren’t fighting with yourself every minute of the day over food.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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