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I received my first Keto Krate yesterday and have spent the last 2 days trying some amazing keto friendly snacks and now I get to share all the goodies with you guys.

You can watch my full review on YouTube HERE!!!!

Let’s clear up some stuff before we “just jump into it”- this box was provided to me, free of charge, as a Keto Krate affiliate. I do have a special link that you can join Keto Krate, use “KRATE15” for 15% off of your first box and it helps me out- however, that is NOT why I’m a Keto Krate affiliate. If you decided to want to try Keto Krate after reading this, scroll back up and click here –

I am NOT – a huge influencer, famous, a sell out or someone who does this as a job or to earn money.

I am – a fat guy that found keto and used it to drop 140 lbs in about 14 months and I plan to follow some form of keto for life. I am a guy that lives in a small town where it’s extremely hard to find keto friendly snacks- unless you LOVE pork rinds.

I think all of that is what makes me different- I’m not going to sugar coat anything or say I like something, if I don’t, just to keep the Keto Krate’s coming- I’m going to be honest because I don’t really have anything to lose- my goal is to help others (and myself) find amazing keto friendly snacks to help stay on track and become healthier, happier people.

This post will be super long and will cover an overview/review of Keto Krate and then I’ll review every single item in the February box- YES, I have already tried every item!

Keto Krate is a monthly subscription services that offers two plans- a $19.99 and a $39.99- I got the $39.99 plan and it was loaded! You get a specific number of keto friendly snacks each month to try out- along with some discount coupons in case you like what you try. I highly doubt anyone will like EVERYTHING in each Keto Krate but the idea is to be able to try different snacks, in an affordable way, so that you know what to order and you won’t waste a ton of money ordering stuff that you end up not liking.

Keto Krate is basically a way to save you money while allowing you to sample all types of keto snacks.

With all that said…let’s attack this krate!!!


This was my first ever Keto Krate and, honestly, from watching other reviews, I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to like much of what was in there- the reviews I watched on YouTube usually weren’t too great- depending on who was doing them. It seems you could tell those that were making money and they LOVED it all…and then those normal folks, like myself, were a bit more harsh.

I received my Keto Krate a day earlier than my shipping email stated and it only took 2 days from the time I got that email until it was on my porch- I’m not sure if that is normal but I can tell you that some other “crate” services I have take 10 days or more!

Once I got the box, I thought it was a bit small for $39.99 but when I popped it open, I was pleasantly surprised- the box must have been packed by a Tetris champion because it was packed with stuff. It seems like I kept pulling stuff out and it didn’t stop- like a clown box.

After finally getting the box emptied, I had a pile of keto friendly snacks just waiting for me to…literally jump into!

Now that I have tried everything (no, I didn’t eat everything but had a bit or a few of everything)- I feel like I can give the February Keto Krate an overall review- it’s pretty simple- I LOVE IT! The box was loaded with 13 different snacks- from candy to drinks to beef sticks- the variety was insane. There was something in there for every type of keto person and I was very surprised to see them promote non-maltitol items. Items with maltitol are usually cheaper than with erythritol and I was expecting a box of crappy keto snacks but everything was very high quality and used the more keto friendly sugar alcohol- so that was another plus.

Finally- the krate brags about how much value you are getting so I actually looked up most items online and in a few stores and added it up myself- they are not lying here. There were some items that I would have NEVER taken a chance on, based on the price, but now that I know I love them the price seems more reasonable due to the quality of the ingredients.

I have nothing bad to say about the February Keto Krate- and I say “February” because that is the first one I’ve received- to really get an overview of the actual subscription, you need to review a few of them because any of these subscription services can have an amazing month and then the next month just be full of crap but this first one was honestly mind blowing.

Fast shipping, friendly service, high quality products and a pile of them to try- it allowed me to figure out some new snacks I can order online and keep around the house- while keto should include a large amount of intermittent fasting, some people don’t follow that plan and those of us that do understand this is a life change and I’m not saying “no more snacks ever”- I love food too much for that- and Keto Krate seems like a great way to keep me loaded with snacks through out the month and lets me easily figure out the ones I like best so I don’t waste time and money on the ones that just don’t work for me.

I don’t really give “ratings” but I will say this- if you are following a keto plan and don’t get a Keto Krate each month- you are making it harder on yourself to stay on track. Sure, you can run to your local store and pick up some sugar free candy, beef sticks or bars but those usually have hidden sugars or “bad” sugar alcohols and until keto takes over the world and the stores are loaded with these things- this is the best way to get them.

I can’t promote these guys enough; I personally know how hard it is and this is a great way to make this life change more sustainable and long lasting.

Now- let’s look at all the amazing keto friendly snacks that have led me to becoming a huge fan of Keto Krate!


Pork rinds are pork rinds…right?

Let me know how you feel once you’ve been on keto for a year and the only “chip replacement” you have is pork rinds- regular and BBQ. Sure you may live in a big city where you can get tons of different flavors but us folks that live in small towns get those two. Even when we go to the big city, we can only find a couple of others and there is no way I would order pork rinds on the internet because no pork rind is made the same. I know, they should be but they aren’t. There are some brands that are always just too hard or don’t have enough flavor and then you get those where they are giant pork rinds and you take a bite and it just crumbles.

We do have a specific brand that we like but now we have a brand we love. The first item I tried are these PorKking Good Pork Rinds and PORK ME- they are amazing! I have been missing popcorn and these taste like white cheddar flavored popcorn. They had a great crunch while still being fluffy, they were Delicious and zero net carbs. What more could you want in a pork rind?

If you follow them on Instagram- they do great giveaways but they have something special! Those of us who use pork rinds to make things like keto friendly fried chicken or pizza crust know how crappy it is to have to crumble up pork rinds- we actually made a meatloaf last night and you just can’t seem to get the pork rinds broken up enough…but these folks have PORK RIND CRUMBS!!! It’s almost like pork rind flour and takes all the work out of it for you! I love this company already

Check them out at –


I’m not a huge pumpkin seed guy but they are super healthy and they were in the box so I had to try them- I’m glad I did. I really liked the Spicy Texas Chili but I would have liked a bit more flavor- it didn’t seem like they really had enough flavor but that could just be a personal opinion. These little things were delicious overall- had a great flavor, nice little crunch and you can throw hand fulls down your throat at a time- I love foods that allow me to just fill my mouth.

The entire bag had 2 servings, which was 4 net carbs and they are loaded with 20g of protein per bag so a perfect snack for the car ride home after attacking the gym.

When you check out their website – – you see that ALL of their snacks are organic, vegan, non-gmo, plant based, kosher, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

I did like these but that isn’t the best part of getting them in the Keto Krate- I like doing my own research so I checked out each one of these companies and these guys aren’t just about being earth friendly but support other causes like Street Dog Hero and Pacific Crest Trail Association and they have OTHER snacks. I’m not a big pumpkin seed fan but they were the best pumpkin seeds I’ve tried and since I see they sell a Peruvian Chocolate Organic Energy Bar that only has 4 ingredients- I think I’ve found a new company to support!


Kinda of like the pork rinds- walnuts are walnuts, right?


Seriously the best walnut I’ve ever eaten! These things were so good even my 12 year old was munching them down. These things were amazing and covered in salty goodness- which is needed when you do keto.

Now, you may be giggling but be adults here….these salty nuts were amazing in my mouth! Seriously guys, be adults…

This was another item where the entire 2 oz bag was only 4 net carbs but those carbs are healthy carbs so that is another plus!

Here is the part that made me a bit angry- I went to and they have a TON of different flavors! Maple Cinnamon, Buffalo…HONEY!! I’m not sure if they are all keto friendly or not but now I have to find out! I see on their instagram that they are in some stores but I couldn’t find a store locator but I’m going to be checking everywhere I can…they even have walnut butters…it’s like walnut heaven!!!


Let’s be honest, if you have done any research on keto friendly snacks- then you already know about SmartCakes- they are like the OG snack cakes for keto folks. What’s not to love- a keto friendly cake!

Well- here is more to love- one serving is BOTH CAKES and ZERO net carbs because they use the best sugar alcohol available – erythritol.

I will admit, once I took this little cake out of the package- it looked dry and spongy and I know how hard it is to make keto friendly cake- my wife and I have been making recipes for over a year now and cakes are the hardest. I thought to myself “these guys tried” and it would be another situation where us keto folks eat something that is “almost like something else” but doesn’t add up- keto moist cake doesn’t really exist.


While the cake did look dry- it was anything but! It was fluffy with a great cinnamon taste and I really felt like I was “cheating” with a little lady with a name that starts with a D…just saying…it was on that level.

It’s cake. It’s amazing…and they have a TON of different flavors and other goodies over on -they even have BUNS and a variety box so it’s like a Keto Krate of just cakes and goodies!!!


Hand crafted candy made with erythritol, cold brewed coffee with 1 net carb per serving. No review needed.

But…I’ll put out there what I thought about it. I only got a couple pieces because the wife and son attacked these as well. It was coffee…it was toffee and those tastes blended together so damn perfectly that I actually stopped- closed my eyes and just let the chocolate melt down my throat.

That isn’t even the best part- these little squares of coffee toffee heaven weren’t tooth breaking hard like some toffee. The chocolate melted and then you got an amazing crunch and it was like these girlz had written an erotic keto story just for me.

This is another item that can be a little expensive because it’s hand crafted with high quality ingredients and I would NOT pay to order something like this online without trying it first- too much keto friendly candy just doesn’t taste good- but now that I know that these stuff is amazing- then I’m comfortable ordering a bunch to keep around the house.

Sadly- I run into the same problem as earlier- they have several other flavors on and I want to buy it all!!!


Another item made with high quality ingredients and one serving is BOTH sticks for less than 1 net carb.

I have a love/hate relationship with beef sticks- I love them because they are amazing but I hate them because the ones you buy at the stores always have carbs- tons of carbs- because of the hidden sugars. Why are you putting sugar in a beef stick- just be like these amazing people and put beef in the damn beef sticks.

Now- the beef stick was a bit “chewy” so I didn’t like it at first but then I done some research and I realized that it was chewy because it was beef and not some beef like mush in other “beef” sticks that I’m used to eating. I honestly don’t think, in my 40 years, that I’ve had an actual stick of beef and I think I love them. (*My wife completely disagrees with me and didn’t think this was chewy at all- she loved it as well.)

It had a great flavor- not too overpowering or spicy and it’s a perfect snack to keep in the car (or for the ladies to throw into their purse) and have on the go. Perfect way to stay keto.

Like all these other companies- they have a variety of snacks on


Most of us on keto have tried some type of baked cheese or cheese crips- they are a great way to get a tasty, keto friendly, crunchy snack…but why don’t you ever see them in bar shape??

Thanks to Just The Cheese- we now have that option- nothing says keto like a cheese bar and I honestly mean that.

I was a fan of these (over many of the others I’ve tried) because it was more like home made. The bars were thicker than normal and it was just like when we make these at home- only we didn’t have to do all the work.

There isn’t a lot to say about it- it’s one ingredient- CHEESE! Cheese is keto friendly and it’s nice to grab a cheese bar instead of a candy bar.

I couldn’t find a website for them but you can buy these in there Amazon Store here – and they have Grilled Cheese and Jalapeno Cheese flavors!!!


Protein bars are yuck- they usually have a weird after taste or have a chalky taste that just isn’t that pleasant but we eat them to get that extra protein we need when we can’t cook chicken or we are just tired of chicken (yes, that is a possibility.)

But…what…if…you could have a protein bar that wasn’t yuck!!!

16g protein, amazing chocolate taste with only 5 net carbs- what if you could have a protein bar that made your stupid mind think you were having an actual candy bar??

This brownie crunch was about as close to a “healthy candy bar” as you can get and I’m not saying to go out and eat a ton of these, like you used to do with Snickers Minis- what I’m saying is that if you love having a quick shot of protein that doesn’t taste like a yucky protein bar- this is the bar you need to go with.

It’s delicious.

AND YES- they have variety at including a maple bar!!!

Now we’ve come to the part that Keto Krate and a few companies may not enjoy- all the stuff above is what I loved about the February Keto Krate- but like I said earlier- not everyone will enjoy everything and it’s great to have a variety.

These next few products just didn’t do it for me- call it personal opinion or just a bad review but I wasn’t feeling a few of the items. I’m not going to “bad mouth” anything company because reviews are just personal opinion and I know each of these companies have millions of fans.


I’ve had a ton of Atkins bars and this is my least favorite- sure, I’m old but I’m not old enough to like lemon this much.

This was not the first time I have had one of these and I didn’t like them when I bought them- I thought they were overpriced because you can get them in most stores- they aren’t anything special and you don’t have to pay for shipping- so why do they cost so much?

These are sort of like lemon rice krispie bars (flavor/texture…no rice krispies as ingredients).

I think they would be a great little snack bar for someone who likes lemon but the ingredients aren’t that great either. I’m not a fan of stuff like rice flour or corn fiber but that’s just me- everyone does keto differently.

They may be at a disadvantage as well because I was really enjoying these snacks I had never seen before and learning about so many awesome companies and Atkins has been around for decades and they just seem like that quick, processed junk keto food that you don’t really want to eat too many of.

They do have a HUGE variety of flavors and types of snacks and I do indulge in their Caramel Nut Chew from time to time- tastes just like a Snickers- so it’s not all bad- just not a daily thing for me.

But you do you boo…check them out at – I do think they are slowly changing to fit more into keto and not just “low carb” and that is a plus.


This one hurt the worst- I hate coconut and I just wasn’t feeling this…however, my wife LOVED it.

I like Kiss My Keto- love their instagram because it makes it seem like the company has a cool attitude and I know that sounds weird but it’s true. Their posts are awesome and I like they way they draw heads, arms and legs on their products.

And…when you go to you quickly see they have a TON of products so why did this month have to be coconut????

I wasn’t a fan of the bar- it’s loaded with a ton of high quality, keto friendly ingredients but it had a weird whisky taste to me and I just hate coconut. I will say this though- the after taste was much better and it wasn’t terrible- I could have eaten the whole thing but I wouldn’t have been happy about it.

It’s hard to write a review about something you don’t like…so- great company and I have HIGH hopes for future products I get to try…products with no coconut.


I also got Raspberry but didn’t try that one- I hate raspberry anything.

This was another let down and I’m mad about it because it’s got tons of electrolytes added and you HAVE to have those on keto. I mixed it with some water this morning and I just wasn’t impressed.

I love shaky-things in my waters and that may be the problem- I usually get the store bought ones and I’m sure they have some bad ingredients but this just wasn’t as sweet as I like my lemonade to be. It was more like a lemonade Gatorade type flavor.

Not only was it not as sweet as I normally like, it didn’t have a great lemon flavor either HOWEVER, I think this would be perfect (and taste totally different) if it was the middle of summer and I just finished a long, hard workout…I think this would really hit the spot then plus, like before…all the electrolytes!!

I would like to try their grape and orange flavors though- I couldn’t find an actual website for them but you can find their stuff on Amazon and find them on Instagram.

Now, I am talking about how this tasted first thing this morning and I do think it would be much better after a hard workout and it will load you up with those much needed electrolytes- so it’s not so much a bad review as this product is more of an after workout drink for me- not an everyday water flavor.


Sadly- this was one of the worst products of the box. I’ve checked out their instagram and website – and it’s another situation where the company seems amazing and it looks like they have some yummy variety available but they just picked the wrong one for me this month. Maybe it’s the only one that is keto friendly but they have some type of chocolate banana crunch stuff that looks amazing!

All that beside the point- I need to write about what I thought of THIS product- not the other stuff that I haven’t tried yet- this product was just a NO NO NO.

My son tried it and was also NO NO NO…but my wife was basically “eh…”.

Pumpkin seeds and kale just aren’t my idea of a snack but I’m sure there are millions of folks out there that love the stuff and this is an amazing product- for them- not for me.

I didn’t like the taste at all but it’s organic, all natural- raw, vegan, non-gmo and just high quality ingredients- it just so happens I’m not a fan of any of those ingredients.


Finally- this was the hardest one to just try because it’s a meal replacement shake but I just mixed it up to have as a breakfast (I normally fast 20 hours or so and only eat around 3:30 to 7:30pm) and I’m not a huge fan of it.

The package said to mix with water or “your favorite nut milk” so I used Vanilla flavored, unsweetened Almond Milk so it could be the almond milk or the powder that I’m not feeling- it doesn’t taste ANYTHING like a chocolate fudge brownie. It’s one of those things where people claim cauliflower taste like everything- from potatoes to chocolate fudge brownies.

I have had other meal replacement shakes and even stuff like those Keto Meal Shakes and some of them are amazing but I think this is just a big no for me.

I checked them out at and the stuff is made with high quality ingredients and may be perfect for weight lifters on keto or something like that but, based on the other flavors they offer, this would have been the flavor I would have wanted to try and I wasn’t a fan.

Like I said earlier, you aren’t going to like everything and some folks just don’t like some products and I’m not a fan of this; but that doesn’t mean you won’t be.

So…to make this post EVEN LONGER…lets do a quick overview-

The best products in the krate and products I will probably order and make a part of my keto journey were –

Porkking Good Pork Rinds
The Nutty Gourmet Walnuts
Curly Girlz Coffee Toffee

My wife’s favorite was the Kiss Me Keto Coconut Bar- she LOVED it and said it was the best “keto bar” she’s ever had!

The worst product in the box was almost a tie between the Gorilly Goods Pumpkin Seeds and Kale and the Ketond Ketogenic Meal Placement bar but after doing some more research, I learned that the Gorilly Goods folks use some of their profits to help save gorillas so that pushed them up a bit. Sorry Ketond Ketogenic folks- I have no doubt that your product is amazing and perfect for thousands of people- I’m just not one of them.

In closing- Keto Krate is beyond amazing and it was awesome to try all of these products- the good and the bad and if you want to try them as well, scroll back up- click the link, use the code and join the Keto Krate family!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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