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I have a few favorite songs but my range is from Hank Sr to 2Pac and the list of songs I love could go on for miles. My playlist changes from time to time and what I consider “my favorite songs” change almost daily- right now I’m really into Tom MacDonald and I’m listening to a lot of people that would be classified as “YouTube Rappers”- Tom MacDonald, Lil Windex/DTG, Merkules, Crypt, Quadeca, Prof, Eazy Mac, Token and stuff like that.

I can also listen to ANY Eminem song and I’m currently listening to Macklemore and Post Malone in the car (if the radio isn’t on MSNBC).

My favorite song at this moment, actually TODAY, is Tom MacDonald- Everybody Hates Me.

I love music in general and it helps me get through workouts, long drives or house cleaning.

If I had to pick one- all-time favorite- I would go with “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. I have always loved that song and my mom told me a few years ago that it had been my grandfather’s favorite song- something I never knew.

It’s simple yet beautiful.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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