Fat Tuesday 03.12.2019

First off, let’s talk about the weight- on March 2nd- I hit 299.6 lbs and that was my “official” weight for the start of March. My next “official” weigh in is on April 1st. YES- I still weigh daily but it’s not “official”- if that makes sense and I’m honestly not as focused on it.

When I first started at 440.2 lbs, back on 01.01.2019- I was dropping a ton of weight daily and I focused mostly on the scale and learning how my weight reacted to certain things. I weighed myself daily for about 3 months or more and every time it went up- I tried to figure out why.

Once I hit a certain point- I think it was 350 lbs- I decided to focus on weighing weekly- it was still about weight loss but the focus was starting to change- more to just overall health.

Now that I hit 299 lbs- the focus is way less on my weight and more on strength, endurance and health.

YES- I still plan on doing weekly Fat Tuesday updates to help keep me on track and as a record of what I’ve done to hit my goal- these weekly updates will NOT include a weight- my weights will be in the “Cliff Notes” I post after each Chapter (month)- easily found under the CLIFF NOTES section.

With that said- and in the words of the Great DeFranco- let’s just jump into it!

I decided to celebrate my birthday with “bad food” and had my favorite- PIZZA! Long story short, we got cheese sticks but they charged us for the dipping sauce without asking so we got that too- we normally don’t. I had two bites of it and looked down and saw a fennel seed- I’m highly allergic to those and then BOOM- all hell break loose. I puked and was in pretty severe pain for roughly 25 hours. I spent last week just not feeling like myself- I was weak, my face was broken out from dry heaving and I had no motivation and just couldn’t bring myself to exercise- I was wore out!

Saturday rolls around and my wife had a birthday party to go to but I was still having stomach/bathroom issues- so I didn’t go.

Another long story short- she came home with a cake ball, which I ate and it was MIND BLOWING AMAZING! I was mad because I had puked up all of my “cheat day” so I decided I deserved a re-do for my birthday- just some cheat dessert- not a whole day. Late Saturday night we went out and got some brownies and cookies. I felt like I had my birthday celebration so it was time to get back on track.

Sunday was a perfect day of eating and yesterday started a new era of my life- let’s call it the “Swolfin” era. (Get my genius- dolphin but dolphins are stupid so it’s Swolfin…swol as in muscle and fin as in shark!!! Fuck I’m amazing!!!)

I had done some weight lifting in the past but never got into it because I felt like cardio/boxing helped burn more fat- but now that I’m officially under 300 lbs, it’s time to turn the last 59 lbs into muscle!

I’ll be honest…I KILLED yesterday- 530am cardio/boxing, walking during the day, full workout and then walking at the park with the family. I fasted my 20 hours and got in over 13,000 steps!

Today is going to be the same.

My goal of riding my first roller coaster on July 20th is perfect because- ONE- roller coaster look amazing and TWO – the weight loss journey is a constant up and down with amazing, top of the world highs and extremely scary, fast hitting lows.

RIGHT NOW- I’m on top of the world- there are certain times during the journey that stuff just clicks and you get a ton of motivation and you just kill it…day after day. You are hitting every mark and it seems flawless and super easy and then- you hit a rough spot and have a cheat day; at that point you can either get off the roller coaster or stay strapped in. I’m strapped in for life and I’m at the top right now- roller coaster is broken down and I plan to just stay up here for a while. Sure, it will start working again and I’ll roll on down and grab some Oreo’s or McDonalds while I’m down there but this ride doesn’t end and I can’t let this bad boy breakdown while I’m in one of those low spots.

Finally- I get asked how I lost all the weight or what I’m doing all the time and I’ve put a ton of effort into a lot of people and NONE of them have used what I’ve told them so I came up with a way to stop telling the same story over and over- and a way for people to NOT have to read 150 weight loss updates to figure it out.

I created a section called “Sharketo 101” – it’s a “living” blueprint of what I did and what I’m doing- all in a nice little package for whoever wants to read it. It will be updated as I research and learn more. Please remember that it’s MY blueprint- it’s what worked FOR ME. Consider it a great starting place- take it and adapt it to what works FOR YOU. We are all different and if you do exactly what I did- minute by minute- your outcome would NOT be the same.

I’ve buckled you into your roller coaster cart, I fastened the seat belt, I gave you a high five and told you to enjoy the ride- it’s up to you how long that ride lasts.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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