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First- I have friends that have had weight loss surgery- great for them- I wish them all the luck in the world. What I’m going to write may seem harsh but it’s my personal opinion and how I believe and it’s not an attack on anyone- your life is your life and my life is my life. I don’t think “less” of anyone who has weight loss surgery- their story just doesn’t inspire or motivate me.

With all that said- let’s jump into it.

Last night we were watching “My 600 Lb Life”- we’ve already watched every episode so we are catching up on the “Where Are They Now” stuff and there was one lady on there who had dropped about 300-400 lbs in just 2 years and she was wanting skin removal surgery super-fast because she had a scheduled “speaking engagement” that she wanted to look great for…and that is where my problem starts.

Like I said earlier- if you go with weight loss surgery- great- lose your weight and be healthy and happy but do NOT start having “speaking engagements” unless those are directly related to weight loss surgery. Don’t try to become a motivational speaker or personal trainer when you basically didn’t succeed on your own. How can you motivate someone to do something YOU couldn’t even do?

It’s almost like stolen valor to someone, like me, who is struggling and busting his ass to lose weight and get healthy.

I can’t possibly hit the milestones that these people can and not even close to the same time frame because I’m doing it “the right way”- and YES…I 100% mean that…the RIGHT way- diet, exercise, learning and making changes.

I’ve watched enough shows about weight loss surgery, known people who got it and even was suggested that I get it a few times by a DR to know what the process is- yes, it’s painful and you are forced to make eating changes but you lose your ability to overeat (at least for a few months) and the cravings usually stop- most of them hardly even exercise yet the weight just melts off like butter.

Meanwhile, you have folks like me, fighting cravings and binging daily- every smell sends your mind into a screwed up place and even a mention of a specific food can start cravings that are sometimes too much to fight. I’m getting up at 5:30am to do cardio and boxing, walking throughout the day, weight lifting, trying to do a 20/4 fasting/eating window and trying to keep my calories and carbs in check and I can barely lose a couple pounds a month while most of these folks don’t do half of that- have no real urge to eat and then drop 50 lbs in a month- it’s bullshit.

Now, I may seem like a “hater” or jealous and I’m honestly not- not when you do your thing and live your life…my problem comes in when you start trying to get recognition or congratulations for all your “hard work.”

The girl on the show last night wasn’t just trying to be a motivational speaker about weight loss but she was trying to “teach her daughter how to lose weight”…but, somehow, that didn’t include getting a surgery to make it about 90% less work for her. These folks post amazing before/after pictures and talk about how amazing their weight loss story is and it builds up false hope in folks who either can’t afford or just don’t want to do surgery.

Same for The Biggest Loser bullshit- those results are unrealistic for REAL people doing it the RIGHT way.

Here is a perfect metaphor –

Last year, I did the “Black Cat Chase 5K” and it was at night- freezing and raining and I was still about 330 lbs but I gave it my all and completed it in less than an hour and was excited and proud of myself. The route was laid out but there were a few people taking back streets and short cuts so they could cross that finish line with a much better time.

Sure- we both completed the 5K but their time was WAY better than mine- they had more people there to congratulate them at the finish line because people left due to the weather. They got their name higher on the list than I did yet I’m the one that actually put in the work and completed it the right way- but they get way more credit than me.

I’m doing this for myself but it’s really shitty when you see these folks who don’t put near as much effort in and lose twice as fast get the SAME (if not more…because they did it faster) rewards and people being inspired by them.

It’s like taking your car to a mechanic and then bragging about how you fixed your engine. Then going and helping others fix their engines and becoming this well-known engine fixer when really…your engine got fixed but you didn’t really do much to make that happen- the mechanic made it possible- sure you put some oil in and get it checked every few months and that is great but you didn’t fix the engine and we both know that.

I want to BECOME the mechanic. I want to learn as I go, test what works for me, struggle and change the person I am and put in the work and bust my ass with 2 hours of exercise a day and eating right so that when I see a couple pounds lost on my scale- it means SOOOO much more than when they see 30-40 lbs lost.

They can get in their head that they are doing it all on their own but they didn’t and once you have that surgery- you can’t really ever say “I did that on my own.”

When I hit 240 lbs and I say that I lost 200 lbs…I can say I did it “on my own”- no one helped me. No back streets, no mechanic forcing my car to work correctly…just ME.

Those are the stories that inspire and motivate me- people who did it on their own- people who fought against the excuses and did the single hardest thing a person can do. Nothing is more disheartening then reading a great story like that and then when I talk to them- they tell me they had weight loss surgery; my heart literally sinks.

Hater…jealous…whatever you want to say about me…doesn’t change the fact that I’ve lost 140 lbs on my own and I WILL lose 200 lbs and I will be able to say that I did it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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