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I get inspired by other people’s weight loss journeys- those that do it without surgery. I’ve written a lot about it in a previous post so I won’t go into as much detail but nothing pushes me to get back on the right track or motivates me like seeing someone who’s actually done it the way I’m doing it and succeeded.

I also get inspired by people trying to change the world for the better but doing it through things they love- like the way I created Commons4Kids. A lot of people do charity stuff like donating money but when you don’t really have extra cash laying around, you can come up with other ways to use what you love and change the world.

If you are an artist, you can use your art. If you are a writer, you can write…not matter what you do or love doing, you can come up with way to use it…even video games! If you’re a streamer, stream to raise money for your favorite charity.

I was a card collector and I had too many cards I didn’t want- I turned that into a situation where I will soon donate over 10 million trading cards to kids.

I want to be the type of person who inspires me.

Oh…and caffeine.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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