84 of 365

More like “have I ever succeed at something?”

I fail at most things I try- eventually. I lost 117 lbs in 2005 only to gain it all back- and then some. I’ve currently lost 140 lbs so I can’t really claim success on that until I die.

Not only have I failed at something but I’ve failed over and over at the same damn thing; I do keep getting back up and trying though- so have I really failed?

Now that I think about it- you have never really failed at something until you die because there is always another chance to succeed at it.

There are two ways of looking at this really- for example-

I failed to reach 299 lbs by 01.01.2019 – TRUE

I failed to reach 299 lbs – FALSE

While I failed the first one, I still succeeded overall and I prefer to look at life that way- fails are temporary as long as you keep trying.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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