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I’m an atheist so the word “spiritually” just sounds stupid to me.

The definition is “in a way that relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

The soul doesn’t exist- at least not the way most people think of it but I do believe in the “human spirit”. It’s always a mix because- most of the time- I honestly hate people in general and believe that humans are just evil and overall bad but then I see things on the internet (or even in real life) of people doing good things or trying to make the world a better place and that is what I consider the “human spirit”.

I would feel spiritually fulfilled if we started treating each other like every day was Christmas- not the bullshit stolen religion that Christianity pushes but those every day, person to person interactions- people seem happier and friendlier because it’s “that time of the year.”

Why can’t we all treat each other the way we treat people after a tragedy- if there is a mass shooting, we all come together. If there is a flood, humanity steps up but then we go back to the asshole, pieces of shit we are- almost like it’s our default setting.

For a long time, we would go to Black Friday and fight over the cheapest pieces of junk we could find but over the last several years, we’ve gone for different reasons- we don’t even try to get anything on sale really- at this point, I’d rather just pay the full price- but we go a little later after things have calmed down and we find random stuff but I like watching people; I like stepping up and being a little nicer and actually watch for ways to help- help someone get something they can’t reach or find something they are looking for or let them go first- just small things like that. It’s amazing how many opportunities you can find and I’ve started trying to take as many of those as possible.

Just try to be a better person today- that’s all it really takes.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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