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Is He-Man a book?

I didn’t read much as a kid- which is weird because my mom literally read ALL the time- it was her favorite thing to do. She would lay in bed with her Mountain Dew, a Stephen King book and her cigarettes- those little sticks that killed her before she saw her 64th birthday.

We lived in the projects most of my childhood and, during the summer, the book mobile would pull up and she was usually the only person to hop on it- she would get a huge stack of books and have all of them read before the next week.

I didn’t read- I lied about reading in order to get those Book It coupons for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut- I was a fat kid that didn’t like to read and would lie my ass off about some stupid book to get a small little pizza (usually as an appetizer- before the actual pizza). #NotAshamed.

Honestly- I remember reading a few books here and there but none really stuck with me- I know I read the “Indian in the Cupboard” and liking it but it was better when it became “Nigth at the Museum.”

Even today- I’m not a huge “book” reader but I have read all the Harry Potter stuff and a few other series and have a few favorites that I’ve read more than once but that’s about it.

On top of all of that- I’m married to a librarian.

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