Taking The L

Honestly- I’m slipping on everything and I’m ready for March to be over. It seems that March just isn’t ever going to be “my month” even though it’s my birthday month. I haven’t done a Fat Tuesday video in a couple of weeks, no Fat Tuesday post this week- I updated on Monday and then had Impractical Jokers on Tuesday. I haven’t put effort into writing for my American Reality stuff either and didn’t do a “In The Kitchen with Sharky and Jackie” on Sunday because I spent the day puking.

Last year we all remember all that shit and then this year I’ve had two stomach attacks, Evan’s sick, I have had the urge to just binge on shit daily and then, yesterday, the hospital calls and says the insurance company took back the $19,000 they paid a year ago so I had to deal with that shit.

This will be the first month, out of 15, that I’ve gained and I’m not even trying to recover at this point- I’m taking the L and focusing on April.

I keep coming up with little “projects” to try to motivate me like the “Picture This” thing I tried and failed but there isn’t any motivation at this point and I don’t understanding it.

Maybe it’s that April 8th would have been my mom’s birthday and this is the first one that she isn’t here for; maybe it’s that death is just fucking everywhere right now. Not sure if you guys follow my charity- Commons4Kids- but we had a long time supporter pass away- he was a cool, friendly guy and we literally just dropped cards off to him about a month or so ago and he was in high spirts- getting ready for the upcoming little league season and just happy and friendly and now he’s dead. Then we watched the new episode of “My 600lb Life” and I really liked the girl and she seemed sweet but sad- she was fighting and working hard- lost over 300 lbs and made plans to go back to college and then she died.

It’s like- what the fuck is the point?

I know that’s a crappy way to be and I’ve come really far and can’t stop now or go back to where I was but then it just hits me-what the fuck is the point?

With all that said- I’m not giving up- so new plan…I call it the “Dr. Now Challenge!”- I’m going to try to lose “Turdy pound dis munt”….if you don’t watch Dr. Now, that means “lose 30 pounds in a month” and I’m going to try that in April. I still have the 200 lb lost goal and still have my first roller coaster planned in July.

This is just a rough spot and I’ve done/probably will do a nice little amount of damage to my weight before all the gravy clears but it’s a minor setback and I’ll recover.

It’s a shitty way to feel and I don’t like it- I don’t like going from highly motivated and on top of the world one day to literally “what the fuck is the point” the next.

Maybe I’m “bi-carbolar”? Bi polar only with carbs…who knows.

Taco Bell for dinner.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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2 thoughts on “Taking The L

  1. Dude it really does “be like that sometimes.” I think you know better than anyone that a setback doesn’t erase the hard work you’ve done. Success comes not from motivation but doing the work when motivation is gone or some shit like that.

    And, of course, us Atheists know that the point is you only have one life to live and that’s fuckin it, so you better do your best while you are here and try to make it last.

    Keep on keepin on, brother.

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