Another failure has to lead to getting back up; that is the only path to success.

Society is continuing to get bigger and bigger- literally by the pound- because we don’t treat obesity like an addiction- we cater to it- literally.

Addiction– the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.

Addicted– physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, thing or activity and unable to stop taking/doing it without incurring adverse effects.

Addict– a person who is addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.

Yesterday was a really shitty day and I fought up until the end but, I gave in to my addiction yet again and I felt even shittier this morning. Addicts want to change and it’s a constant fight, internally, to try to overcome your addictions. It’s not “daily”- it’s literally every second of your life.

It’s been proven that things like sugar and carbs are highly addictive but our society continues to not only allow the addiction to continue but they promote it- every other commercial is food related- billboards, huge signs- even places like Wal-Mart put food in ALL areas of the store so you can’t just ignore it. You can’t just run in to grab some toilet paper, a light bulb or even some shampoo without getting hit with sugar. Our Wal-Mart literally has Easter candy right in front of the door so that when you walk in, you have to walk through a path of sugar. You can’t even pay for your stuff without an entire rack of candy bars literally on top of the register.

Food addiction is the single worst addiction a person can have- that is factual and there is no argument that can change those facts. Alcoholics don’t have to drink and they can go to stores without facing that addiction. Drug addicts don’t have to do meth and they don’t have racks of meth in the checkout line at Best Buy. YEP. Best Buy has candy bars- no, not electronic candy bars but actual sugar filled candy bars. Makes sense, right?

Then you have those programs that help fight addiction but all of them promote a belief in fairy tales and claim that you can’t fight addiction without the help of some higher power; basically, humans aren’t strong enough to fight on their own- they have to have made up saviors to rescue them.

Yea- I don’t believe that bullshit. Society has created the screwed up system that we currently find ourselves- from depending on medicine that doesn’t cure but only keeps you alive so you can buy more to the fact that we were taught to eat 12 servings of grain per day!

How heartless would you consider a person who waved drugs in front of a drug addict or followed them around the entire day shoving their drug of choice in their face and tempting them? How about giant billboards, meth stores on every corner or commercials-

“Try our new bacon covered meth- for a limited time! It’s the meth you love but it now comes covered in bacon and CHEESE. Be sure to upsize to get DOUBLE METH!”

Or how about the recent Reese commercial where they flat out tell you that they know you are addicted to sugar, they know they are shoving it in your face every chance they get and they literally say “sorry, not sorry”- it’s like they are laughing at the fact that you are addicted and they love it.

“Hey guys, we know you love crack, so try our new Easter egg shaped crack rocks! We know you are fighting hard to stay clean so we have put them EVERYWHERE…sorry- not sorry.”

Would we allow that? Would we support that? Would we say the shit that I hear all the time-

“Well, it’s a free market and they can sell what they want.” (Really- because I can’t buy marijuana- a PLANT…soo…next!)

“Dis ‘Merica! I have the right to eat my Snickers.” (again- that whole illegal plant thing…)

I’m not saying that we should make sugar, carbs, cakes, candy, etc illegal- I’m saying there should be more laws on such addictive things- like alcohol, cigarettes or gambling.

We realized that cigarettes can kill you so we put laws on them and hide them away so that those who choose to kill themselves can still do it (cause ‘Merica) but those who are addicted and trying to stop have an easier time and we try to keep them away from kids- yet we literally MARKET sugar filled death sticks (aka candy bars) to kids!

We give a highly addictive substance to kids as a reward or treat- “here little Johnny- you made all A’s- here’s a stick of poison to slowly kill you…great job you little bastard!”

Here is a fact for you- I’m in a war and it’s against sugar/carbs, etc and I know that folks are going to say shit about liberals being scared of sugar- I’ve seen a ton of memes about people like me fighting stuff like plastic straws or gluten memes/jokes- and that’s all good. I’m finally coming to terms with what is really happening and I need to change the way I’m fighting.

I’m in a war against something that is literally killing me and I’m willingly doing it. Last night, I ate Oreos and I just kept shoving them in- it’s like being highly allergic to peanuts yet your shove them in your mouth as fast as you can. It’s like committing suicide but instead of blowing your brains out, you shoot yourself in the foot, then other foot, then leg…other leg and you just slowly keep shooting yourself so that you don’t just die but you die a slow and painful death- a slow and painful death that you did to yourself.

And I’ve heard that shit- “boo hoo the fat guy can’t stop eating Oreo’s….just stop overeating!” and I honestly believed that until I truly started trying to fight and now I understand. This isn’t something you can just “stop” because you have to eat- you have to fight your addiction daily. You have to take that thing that you are HIGHLY addicted too and learn to just have enough to survive and you don’t have to do that with any other addiction- you don’t need a specific amount of meth to live and you don’t drink a 12 pack of Bud for energy.

Our entire world is set to force this addiction on you and then its set up to keep you addicted. We literally force the addiction onto our kids- Girl Scouts are turned into drug dealers and we sell it to help raise money for school events. Would we do that with ANY other addiction? Yea, gambling/bingo is used in that way but you don’t see little Sally taking orders for heroine.

“Excuse me sir- I’m selling heroine to help raise money for my troops trip to Disney Land- would you like a box of mint flavored heroine or how about the heroine covered in chocolate and coconut?”

I’m going to start treating this like the addiction it is- like the war it is. I’m going to start looking at this stuff as my enemy because that is EXACTLY what it is.

If someone was slowly poisoning you, with the hopes of causing a slow and painful death- would you keep inviting them into your home? Would you stay friends with them and love them like they were your family? Would you knowingly HELP them slowly kill you?

41 years old and this shit is just now getting through my head.


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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