Sharketo 100

There is 100 days between today and July 20th- the date that I plan to ride my first roller coaster and celebrate my weight loss.

I have 100 days to work my ass off and do the best I can- I doubt I’ll get to my overall goal but I’m going to give it everything I have and try to hit 100 days of Sharketo in a row. I need to do this and I can’t screw up because if I do- then I lose the 100 day streak- so the countdown starts NOW- well…this morning and I haven’t messed up and have no intentions of screwing it up.

Not only will I put doing the #TreSixtyFi daily but I’m going to be weighing myself every morning and counting down the next 100 days to help keep me on track. The first 100 days of 2018, when I started Sharketo, I dropped 72 lbs. and since I’ve screwed up the last several months- it’s basically like starting over so I may be able to drop a decent amount of weight.

100 days starts today!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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