99 Days

99 days left…

Yep…this #Sharketo100 stuff is going to be a daily post for the next 100 days…even if I just have to do a small “did great” post- I slacked and didn’t focus on it daily because I thought I had the shit under control and it’s CLEAR that I did not.

I know you are supposed to weigh once a week or even month but I’m just not capable of doing that- it needs to be daily for me- I fully understand fluctuations in weight but it’s still really frustrating to not see that number drop related to how much work you put in but I’m going to have to get over that or gain it all back. I gained almost 30 lbs in March due to slacking and being sick and it needs to stop.

I started redoing my plan and looking at the calendar and the perfect day was yesterday…100 days until my first roller coaster (which won’t happen if I don’t get on track) so I started this Sharketo100 thing and yesterday I did perfect- first great day in weeks!

If I screw up at this point, I lose this whole Sharketo100 thing and I can’t let that happen- 100 days of Sharketo just to see how much I can lose.

The first few days are going to be rough- I have two teeth that need to be cut out and the pain is killing me and they can’t get me in until April 22nd but, after that, I should be able to fully start getting the exercise back on track.

Weight loss is 85% food and 15% exercise so I’m focusing on the food right now- I had some sugar free candy yesterday because I wanted to get rid of it and it was a good way to help push me over that first day- going from cheat day after cheat day back into keto. From this point on- very limited sugar free candy and very limited diet pop. I’m going to do my best to fast 20 hours a day- have a meal of meat and veggies and maybe some jello or something like that as a snack. Protein shakes on MWF when I do weights.

The motivation is pretty high right now- I’ve set up a new plan that feels like it will work, 99 days until I need to fit into a roller coaster and Day One was a success- there is no room for failures in the Sharketo100- no cheats, no screw ups…regardless of “lack of motivation”- fake it if I must but I have to work through any down points WITHOUT cheating and screwing up- I messed around and wasted so much time already.

Days like today is when it’s the easiest- but then I’ll be up all night with tooth pain, then get depressed or down and those are the days I need to step it up and fight through it- come back and re-read everything I’ve posted here and motivate myself to get through it.

I need to make this Sharketo100 happen- I need to go 100 days- as hard as I can- to be as small as I can by July 20th. I owe it to myself, to my mom and to anyone who has supported me. I don’t think I can reach my 200 lbs lost overall goal but I think I’ll be pretty close to it.

I got this.

And- another side note that no one but me really cares about- I’m dropping the number after the decimal- it’s getting on my nerves. No more “.” something- I’m just going to have a three digit weight. The main problem with weighing daily is that you focus on percents of pound way too much so I’m going to just stop ignoring that because if I get to 240.8 lbs….I’m at 240 lbs!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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