96 Days

96 days left…FINE…I’m not going to update every single day but most days. I’m down 8 lbs in 5 days and I haven’t actually started back with exercise. I’m going to start my full routine today but I have to have a couple teeth cut out next Monday so that will be a little hump but no reason not to start now.

I’ve been perfect for 5 days now and made it through a weekend- I did eat more sugar free candy than I wanted but I had to have something going from a month of just eating like a fat ass to getting back into Sharketo- sugar alcohols don’t have a stalling effect on me but I know they are NOT healthy and I’ll be cutting them out as the 100 days go by- but they were a huge help keeping me on track this weekend.

We finally got “In The Kitchen with Sharky and Jackie” updated and back on track with some amazing Southern Keto gravy and I’m highly motivated right now. I still have a long way to get to where I was but I think I’ll be able to drop the 30 lbs in April- that I gained in March and then be back where I was and have almost 3 months to drop 59 lbs and that is VERY doable.

I think I’ve found a good plan with this #Sharketo100 and it seems to be motivating me and keeping me on track- I know that one screw up will run the entire 100 days because #Sharketo92 just sounds stupid…any really any other number- 100 seems to fit perfectly.

100 days- as hard as I can.

I also realized that I can’t get up at 5:30am and exercise- in my old age, my body needs as much sleep as I can get so I’m going to extend me 3:30 workouts a bit to add some boxing/cardio warm up. I should still be getting about 2-2.5 hours of exercise 5 days a week with about an hour of exercise (or more) on Saturday with Sunday as a rest day.

Not much else to say…96 days until my first roller coaster and celebration and I can’t screw up… #Sharketo100 HAS to be a success- failure is NOT an option.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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