Let Me Blow…

…your mind.

93 days left.
7 days into #Sharketo100.
12 lbs down.

Now- here is what is going to blow your mind- at least it blew mine.

It was Christmas 2018 and my supervisor bought me a calendar- she saw that I like Rick and Morty so she got me their 2019 calendar. I remember opening it and looking though the pics and thought it was pretty cool.

I hung it up and it’s been there since 01.01.2019.

Yesterday, our IT guy was working on my computer so I was just hanging around my cube and I started looking at the pictures again and something AMAZING was there.

If you don’t watch the show, the dad’s name is JERRY; my actual name is JERRY.

I turned to July 2019 and it was THIS picture-

That is JERRY and Rick…on a roller coaster…for the month of July 2019!!!

I picked July 20th, 2019 back in 2018 because it will be the one year anniversary of my mom passing away and I wanted to use that date to celebrate life.

I believe in coincidence and I know that this is just one of those- but how amazing!!!

I’m planning to ride my FIRST roller coaster on July 20th, 2019 and my Rick and Morty calendar has a picture of JERRY, on a roller coaster…for July 2019!


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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