86 Days

The cool (and scary) thing about the #Sharketo100 is that the countdown doesn’t stop- it doesn’t restart- each day that passes brings July 20th closer and closer- regardless of what I do or what happens to me.

The first week was AMAZING- I killed it- but I did most of that on pain pills with a couple of teeth throbbing 24/7 and it finally got up with me so the last week I stopped exercising on Friday due to pain and I ate bad stuff, using the pain as an excuse. On Monday I went to have 2 teeth pulled but I ended up having 3 teeth cut out and I was put to sleep. I was told to only eat soft foods like ice cream or pudding and I had to eat 4 times a day when I took my antibiotic.

Don’t basically tell a food addict that he has to eat chocolate pudding and ice cream 4 times a day for the next several days because that is EXACTLY what he hears and it’s a perfect excuse to eat whatever you want- you know- cookies and cream ice cream because “the DR said so!”

The risk to get a dry socket- which is more painful than the actual issue- is around 7 – 10 days and a main factor in that is sneezing- so my body picked NOW to have my nose itch like crazy and have me sneezing constantly but I’m now at day 3 so fingers crossed I can make it a few more days without having any issues- it would suck to be in severe pain on Saturday since we are going to see Avengers: End Game!

Now that I can get back to eating regular food and I’m off the pain pills and seem to be feeling better, I’m focusing back on the food and #Sharketo100 and getting back on track- no matter what gets thrown at me or how many times I get knocked down- I’m getting back up and fighting my way forward- I can’t stay down and gain it all back- that isn’t an option.

I did get my walking in yesterday and I’ll do that again today and try to have a light dinner of eggs, sausage, etc and work on getting back into my food routine and start exercising fresh on Monday- that will be the 7th day so I feel like I can box and do stuff without fear of knocking a blood clot loose.

There is 86 days left so that is basically 3 months and I can accomplish a lot in 3 months- I just have to stop doing the “1 step forward, 2 steps backwards” because it seems I’m getting farther from my goal rather than closer and, like I said- July 20th is coming and it doesn’t care if I’m ready or not.

Back to writing, fasting, focusing on food, exercising, playing video games, doing cards, drawing and doing all the stuff that makes me happy- I know it’s only a matter of time until I get knocked backwards again so I need to make as much progress as possible before that happens.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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