Do Better, Brother!

You ever watch a 1980’s Hulk Hogan match? They were always the same- it would be a back and forth but then the heel “aka- bad guy” would always get the upper hand and it would look like it was over…but then…Hulk started “hulking up” and it didn’t matter what the bad guy did to him- it didn’t faze him. He could get hit with a chair or the bad guy could use his finisher but Hogan would just keep shaking and hulking up and coming for the bad guy- that was the moment you know that it was over.

Back then- I didn’t realize wrestling was more entertainment than reality so I always wondered how the bad guy felt- knowing that there was NOTHING he could do to stop this from happening. Back then, Hogan was always the good guy and he rarely lost- but he did lose a few times.

I feel like I’m the bad guy in this situation and the cheating, eating bad and junk food is the 1980s “hulking up” Hulk Hogan and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I worked my ass off for a week and dropped 12 lbs only to have some teeth pulled and just go back to where I was and gain it all back. I’m giving it everything that I can but it just keeps coming.

It’s amazing how it takes sooo long to lose the weight but it can come back sooo quickly- if I don’t figure out something to stop this, I will gain all of the weight back and I know that…but here I am, swinging with no effect- being that bad guy and getting ready to get beat.

SO- who really beat Hogan through the 80s? Andre the Giant- but that required a complex scam that involved twin brother referees, millions of dollars by Ted DiBiase and a lot of cheating- I have none of those.

Looking back on my childhood- I only remember one person beating Hogan fair and square and stopping the “hulking up” and that was The Ultimate Warrior- a guy who claimed to be sent from another planet and used energy of all his fans (the same as Hulkamania) to power up and…at Wrestlemania VI he actually beat Hulk Hogan and I remember it because I was 12 years old and literally cried- I was a lifelong Hulk Hogan fan and never really saw him lose- it was pretty devastating.

This gives me hope- I need to be The Ultimate Warrior and raise above and win…but then I remember that he quickly fell off the planet while Hulk Hogan continued to “run wild”. I also remember Hogan jumping to WCW and creating the nWo while The Ultimate Warrior became almost a joke- WCW tried to bring him back to relive the glory of WMVI but it was laugable.

In reality- it was just two guys following a script…and I’m the one writing this one so why do I keep writing myself as the bad guy…why can’t I write myself as Hulk Hogan and “hulk up” every time I start losing this battle? Why can’t I write it so that I’m 1980s Hulk Hogan…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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