Regain Focus

I went back and read through that’s what it’s there for- me.

I stop focusing on Sharketo daily and that led to cheat days, which lead to multiple cheat months and I never really recovered from July screw ups and- not that I’ve opened my eyes- it’s been almost a year.

I looked back at my memories and I lost about 60 lbs from this time last year but I’ve gained a lot of that back.

Tomorrow is May 1st and that means about 2.5 months until roller coaster- I have to get this shit under control- maybe it’s the pressure…but I think it’s just the fact that I lost focus on Sharketo.

The problem is- once you do Sharketo for a while, it runs automatically and you don’t have to think about it and you stop focusing on it and old habits slowly start sliding back in because you are focusing on other aspects of life and Sharketo isn’t the main focus and, before you know it, you’ve waste almost a year of up and down- not realizing that you can’t recover because your focus isn’t where it needs to be.

I need to write about weight loss, health, Sharketo at least every other day- even if I repeat myself over and over- I have to get this under control NOW. If I go back much further- I’m giving up for good.

So- that means- Every Day. All Day. Sharketo.

Afraid as I may be- back on the scale in the morning and non-stop Sharketo.

I post about what I’m going to do and then do the opposite because- once I post it- I forget it and go back to other stuff. It’s like I post what I need to do and then forget it and go back to screwing up because it’s not constantly right there in my face.

Fasting is basically the lack of eating and to make that work, you can’t focus on food- you have to focus on something else so it’s almost like you need to forget your fasting and forget food and do other stuff…which leads to pushing this stuff back and not making it a priority- and sadly, the last year has shown me that.

Time flies and it’s not going to stop- regardless of what we do. I can’t believe I hit my lowest weight on March 1st and have just wrecked the hell out of it during March and April…..what the fuck am I even doing right now!!!

At least yesterday was successful as far as food and exercise- today is day 2 and we’ll take it from there—gotta move forward before all my hard work is gone!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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