Daily Routine 05.02.2019

Below is the daily routine that I’m currently trying to get into place- once I can do this daily for a couple of months, I’ll change up the exercise portion.

6:00 am- wake up
7:00 am- arrive at work (weekdays)– usually energy drink or coffee
9:00 am- take pills- Vitamin B Super Complex, GNC Mega Men Multivitamin, Potassium and Magesium
10:30am- morning break walk – 15 mins
12:30pm- lunch walk – 30 mins
2:30pm- afternoon break walk – 15 mins
3:00pm- MCT/pre-workout- leave work (weekdays)
3:30pm- snack- take fiber gummies- Pink Himalayan Salt
3:40pm- mediate
4:00pm- exercise- MWF boxing/weights, TTS boxing/DDP Yoga
5:30pm- dinner- take probiotic
7:00pm- snack/dessert
7:30pm- stop eating/drinking
9:00pm- bed- watch TV, sleep

This should put me on a 20/4 intermediate fasting schedule- I love food too much to do the one meal a day I was trying and I need to embrace my love for food with Sharketo friendly snacks and meals and allow myself to enjoy and eat from 3:30pm-7:30pm (weekdays).

Thanks to our love of shopping and going places- added with C4K donations- our weekends are usually spent away from home- this daily schedule won’t work. I will probably not do IF on Sat/Sun but try to keep the carbs still around 15g.

I also plan to add some walking on Sat/Sun to prepare for our Color Run 5K in June- depending on the weather. Could add more walking around 8:00pm on weekdays as well, depending on the weather.

Pills should stay on the same schedule daily- weekdays and weekends.

Sunday is basically our “hang around the house” and “In The Kitchen with Sharky and Jackie” day.

Within that schedule I still need to make time for art, video games, writing, making videos and try to get back into streaming- as well as working on C4K stuff like sorting and setting up donations.

We will also be adding in Evan’s band stuff as it comes up as well.

I’ve always been a busy person- I currently have a full time job, run an international charity, maintain SharkysWorld.com and I’m adding more and more stuff to keep busy and keep my mind off of mindless eating.

I always chuckle when I hear someone who doesn’t have a full time job or do half as much as me complain about being so busy.

#SharketoADED is in full effect and I’m trying to think, daily- what HAVE I done to hit my goal and what CAN I do to hit my goal?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness~~~~~shArky~~~~~

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