Yes. I am in “recovery.”

People hear something like “I’m a recovering carbaholic” and they laugh because it sounds like a joke but it’s honestly not. I’m a food addict and I had to admit that and I have to look at this journey the same as someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling- only it’s a bit tougher for us because we have to face our addiction almost every moment of our lives.

There are 8 symptoms of food addiction and if you fit 4 or more of them- you are considered addicted to food- I perfectly fit with all 8.

Most people who are addicted to something can just stop doing it- they “get clean” and can say “I’ve been sober for this number of days” but people addicted to food can’t do that.

Food addiction is one of the worst addiction a person can have- it has the same effect as drugs- you just die slower and it’s socially acceptable and it’s 100% legal for your supplier to actually “push” this drug on you. There are entire industries built for that exact purpose.

How successful would someone addicted to meth be if they saw meth commercials all the time, passed buildings that sold meth extremely cheap and you can even smell it? Our Burger King is directly next to our Wal-Mart so if I run in to get anything- I get hit with the smells from Burger King and Little Caesars and then I walk into Wal-Mart and automatically get this with chips, cookies and candy- it doesn’t matter which door you go in either. Then, as you try to check out you get hit with more candy, soda and crap. I honestly think Wal-Mart refuses to open more registers as a way to force you to stand in line because they know- the longer you stand there- right next to your addiction- the harder it’s going to be to not just give in and buy it.

This world doesn’t care about you if you’re addicted to food- you’re a joke and looked at “as weak” for not being able to have “will power”.

How many times have you seen alcohol in any other section of a store except the alcohol section? Alcoholics are free to go in places and not have to face their addiction- they can decide to not go to bars or the alcohol section but when they purposely put themselves in those places and screw up- it’s looked at as a disease.

I use to feel the same way as most people- just eat less and exercise more to lose weight. Stop being weak and giving in to sugar every time you face a stressful situation or have an emotion you don’t want to deal with- stop complaining about being fat and do something about it.

You don’t tell other people with addiction that bullshit- they go to facilities, join programs and get sober because we realize that it’s not as simple as just stopping- yet we continue to allow our society to promote and push this addiction onto us- why do you think they promote most sugary cereals and candy to kids? Get them addicted young and you probably have a user for life.

Drug dealers face additional charges if they sell within so many feet of a school yet teachers give kids candy as a reward. We give our kids sugar as a celebration or mood changer- “oh, you had a bad day- let’s go get ICE CREAM!” and we are taught what “comfort food” is from the start and I’ve done the same shit because I was in that endless loop of addiction.

Breaking this addiction is the hardest thing I will ever do and I basically get to face it alone.

What about Overeaters Anonymous? Step 2 of their 12 step program is “came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Step 3 is “made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of god”. Step 5 has you “admit to god….the exact nature of our wrongs.”

Almost every step is religious based and I’m an atheist so that doesn’t exactly work out- depending on a fictional character to help you break addiction is simply a way to get brainwashed and tricking yourself by replacing your addiction with religion.

I’d rather die fat.

It’s basically admitting that you aren’t strong enough to break the addiction on your own and that is pure bullshit- people do it all the time. Those people that use the 12 step program are actually breaking the addiction on their own and they deserve the credit for their hard work- not a fairy tale.

As with life- this is something you have to do on your own- sure you can have people supporting you but, in the end, it’s YOU and that is what Sharketo is all about.

Weight loss has to be looked at differently in order for you to be successful- it’s a “socially acceptable and promoted addiction”. It’s one of those situations where the world really is out to get you- to keep you addicted to this crap and I fully understood that yesterday. I was getting hit with everything- from everywhere! Candy, cookies and everywhere I looked was just more and more of my addiction- 90% off Easter candy…just everywhere and I battled with myself- told myself to go ahead and have it and start again tomorrow; this one time won’t hurt. One bag of candy won’t cause that much damage- I deserve it because Mother’s Day is coming up!

I’m learning my triggers and trying my best to stay away from them and that is what I did yesterday but it won’t stop there- May 12th will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother and I know that is going to be rough and I know that I will just want to “take the day off” and console myself with every gram of sugar I can shove down my throat and I know that will lead to days, weeks or even months of doing the same thing and I can’t let that happen. I was taught my entire life to do just that but it’s time to face reality and understand that I can change.

I have to take this journey one day at a time and focus on Sharketo. All Day. Every Day.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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