133 of 365

Lateness without notification- in this day and age, there is NO reason to be late and not let the person know. Hell, since the invention of phones there has never been an excuse. I hate when people are always late but I can understand when stuff comes up- just notify people and don’t leave them hanging. Have some common manners.

Bullshitters- I do NOT do well with people that are full of shit- which is why we have very few friends- I will kindly tell you that you are full of shit and people hate that.

BULLSHITTERS– yes, twice! I can’t explain how much this shit bugs me and it can be so many things to bullshitters that act like they don’t have time or money to hang out but then go to the bar nightly and get drunk. Basically just folks who tell you bullshit KNOWING that we both know they are full of shit- seriously- don’t do that bullshit.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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