This morning, my size 44 pants wouldn’t fit.

Nope- not surprise “they were too big!!!” bullshit- they were too tight because I’ve gained weight and been slipping a lot and I need to stop that now.

I started out in pants way over size 60 and my 46s still fit so now is the time to stop all the slipping- this is the point that I need to realize I’ve screwed up and wasted a lot of time and I’m starting to go in the wrong direction so I need to change course and start heading back towards my goal.

I’m going to get back to where I was on Jan 1st, 2018 as far as motivation and schedule- it’s time to get back into #SharkMode!

I’ve screwed up so much the last several months that it’s basically starting over- I should have that big weight loss and push because I’m making drastic, basically overnight, changes.

I’ve got my days planned out from 5:30am until 9:00pm and I plan to load my day up with so much stuff that I literally don’t have time to eat.

I’m going to get back to writing every day- art, video games, Pokemon or just random thoughts. I did a great job of it in 2018 and the beginning of 2019 but then slipped and tried to get back time and time again until now I’ve gone up a pants size- this is the point I think I needed. I got rid of all of my “fat clothes”- there is NO going back there.

Time to get back to what I know works…I had my playtime and the weight gain shows that.

Back in 2018- I started what I call the “Sharketo Trilogy” and set up a plan to give myself 2 years to lose 200 lbs and 1 year to maintain it and July 1st, 2019 will be the halfway mark for that plan- which means the weight loss section will be 75% through and, if I can get back to where I was…I was about 75% of the way towards that goal.

I need to be at 290 lbs by July 1st- which will be 75% of the 200 lbs I wanted to lose and it will give me 6 months to lose the last 50 lbs.

I wanted to be there by July 20th so I would be 240 lbs when I rode my first roller coaster but that isn’t going to happen…the roller coaster is STILL on though…either I ride it or I go through the embarrassment and money loss of still being too fat to fit- either way- July 20th is the day we find that out.

After that I will focus on hitting that 200 lbs lost mark by 01.01.2020.

Expect tons more posts here…tons more updates, daily social media updates- weight loss is going to be my main priority from this point on and I’m going to incorporate everything I love into it. If I’m playing Overwatch- I’m not setting at McDonalds. I’ve I’m drawing, I’m not cramming my mouth with Oreos.

#SharkMode ENGAGE!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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