World War Sugar

Yesterday, I allowed myself to have any craving I wanted- I had stuff that was really bad for me and I enjoyed it because I know it’s #SharkMode time.

Day one was just to “treat myself” and now it’s time to start strict Sharketo- instantly and overnight- just BOOM!

22 hours of fasting and one smaller meal over the next four days should get me into Sharktosis by Monday when I kick in with the full exercise routine. The next four days is just going to be focus on food and fasting and how to pick up when I’m hungry and try to do something in replace of eating- to keep me busy until my 2 hour window.

This morning- Rockstar Pure Zero Energy Drink to get me going because I feel like a ball of shit- allergies or sinus or something but feel dead. Tonight, dinner of shrimp and broccoli with maybe a sugar free Jello or something and that’s it.

Tomorrow will be about the same as today- maybe some roast and green beans or something.

The next four days is going to be as strict as I’ve ever been to shock my body back into doing what I need to do. After these four days, I should be in Sharktosis or close to it and then I kick up the exercise with a morning and afternoon session as well as extra walking in the evening.

Still a 2 hour eating window on weekdays and 4 hour eating window on weekends. Still mostly meat with some veggies and some dairy here and there like cheese, sour cream, whipping cream – etc.

I’m going to try my best to have almost ZERO sugar and very limited sugar alcohols- only those in my energy drink, as well as erythritol. Going to try to keep the “keto desserts” to a limit as well- and as little sugar free candy as I can make it through in order to try to break this sugar addiction.

To the wife- I’m sorry ahead of time because I’m going to be grumpy asshole these next four days because life and this journey is just stupid- all bad things taste so go, all the bad stuff is pushed on you every single day and it’s so much easier to put on 30 lbs then it is to drop 30 lbs. The process is a shitty process and our society is set up to make us fat and keep us fat and it will take everything I have in me to fight that from this point on- but I have to be strong. I know I can do this because I have done it multiple times- it’s not impossible, even though the entire world is against me.

When you really start noticing the world around you and how bad food and more and more is just pushed on you from every single angle- it becomes mind playing but understandable as to why most people can’t lose weight.

From fast foods literally EVERYWHERE to bad food in commercials, in the isles of stores and even friends and family member eating shit right in front of you- all while talking about how they need to lose weight and get healthier and then the shoveling of bad food becomes a fucking joke that laugh at.

The longer I fight the more annoyed and aggravated I get with people in general- it’s like if you watched a crackhead talk about needing to get clean and then they just kept smoking rock in front of you and laughing as they killed themselves because it’s all just a big fucking joke to them- all while you are fighting to get clean and change your life.

If people thought I was anti-social before- you haven’t seen shit yet. I don’t want to go places where I’m going to have to face bad food because I’m not strong enough to do it and I know that. I don’t want to go to a part where everyone is eating cookies, cupcakes and all that shit because it’s not fun for me- it’s just a fucking struggle to survive, so why put myself in that situation.

I don’t want to go to a restaurant and hang out with friends because, even though I can get Sharketo food at most places, I don’t want to watch you eat all the shit I’m addicted too and why pay all that money when Sharketo food is better cooked at home- in our air fryer- anyways?

We are going to continue having holidays meals at our place and if you are invited- don’t bring that bullshit around me because I no longer want to be around it- it’s like drugs to me and I don’t want to be around people snorting cocaine either.

If you know I’m struggling and don’t respect me enough to not have that shit around me then fuck you, period. It’s like taking a struggling alcoholic to a bar to hang out and watch get drunk- you wouldn’t do that if you were a true friend.

It’s time to be an asshole and that is just the way it’s going to be- I can’t help if anyone is offended or not- this is my life.

Sugar, carbs and bad food is literally going to become my enemy with a hatred far beyond anything I’ve ever expelled into this world- it’s a fucking war for my life and I’m tired of helping the enemy win.

Sadly- that means if you are trying to help my enemy kill me- you are going to become my enemy as well…there is no doubt this is a life and death situation. I’ve gained some weight and I feel like shit and I can’t understand how I lived at 440 lbs and I’m not doing it again.

I truly hope that ANYONE who is going to be around me from this point on reads this and understands it and respects me enough to fight on my side…but if you don’t- bye Felicia.

While I can’t control what you eat or how much you enjoy slowly killing yourself- I can control what I have in my world and all that shit is no longer a part of it…this may sound silly to you and that is fine as well but I’m taking the steps I need to live.

If you honestly don’t view fast food restaurants and companies that use tons of sugar and chemicals in there food and then spend millions to try to force you to eat it as a personal attack and threat to your life- you are living a delusion.

These companies are mentally trying to kill me and this last couple of months of just not giving a shit has truly shown me that- I feel like shit and I’m tired of it and I wanted to get back to the way I felt during the first 6 months of 2018 and looking at my life – the difference is that I was fighting then and I’ve slowly become a traitor to my side of this war.

In closing- maybe I’ve lost my mind to view things like carbs and sugar as my enemy but there is no doubt these things are slowly killing me and these companies are laughing and raking in billions while I help them.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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