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Sticking with that “what I did instead of what I’ll do” format- yesterday was another successful day!

Finally got this shit back on track!

Today is day 4 of strict Sharketo.

About 12 lbs down (officially 8 lbs…didn’t weigh the first couple of days) Still a ways to go to get back to 299 lbs though.

Back into my 44 pants already- those wouldn’t button on Monday.

3 days with NO diet soda.

I did have some sugar free candy yesterday but nothing like normal.

Sticking with meats, veggies, healthy fats and just a bit of cheese here and there.

Killing the walking game with over 14,000 steps on Tuesday and 13,000 yesterday.

Great practice the last couple of nights- getting ready for the Color Run 5K in June.

1.5 miles last night- 2 miles next week. 2.5 miles the following week and then 3 miles- should be walking 5Ks before the actual 5K so we’ll be ready.

Then keep killing it until July 20th!

It’s pretty amazing how quickly you can start seeing changes once you just stick with it- no more bloated feeling and getting my energy back. No more falling asleep on the couch at 6pm or “carb hangover”. The energy is flowing and I feel pretty good.

May not be able to walk tonight due to storms but the weekend is looking pretty good to get a ton of walking in and we got some fun stuff planned so life back to being amazing.

You would think I would remember how I felt before and now the next time I decided to start shoving Oreos in my mouth…but I probably won’t.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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