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Playstation 4.

I’ve been wanting one for a while now but I just can’t do it- I already have a PS3, Switch, Wii U- 2 Xbox 360s and 2 Xbox Ones. We also have a NES and SNES mini and a Sega with tons of games on it- and I rarely even have an hour to play…hell, I just started Borderlands 2 the other day and it came out like 7 years ago!!

I literally have hundreds of games I’ve never played but really want too.

There are a few games I’d love to play on PS4 and their VR stuff looks amazing and that is the ONLY way to play Rick and Morty…but I spent about $500-$750 on stuff that would just collect dust and never get played.

I’d love to have one but then you got PS5 or whatever probably coming out in 2020…and I know the new Xbox is coming out in 2020 and I’ll have to get that…it’s just all money for crap I don’t even have time to play….aarhhhhhh!!!!

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