173 of 365

It was mostly me and my mom- I had a few cousins that I was close with but I couldn’t really trust or depend on anyone but my mom. I didn’t care much for most of my aunts and never really saw my two uncles.

I was basically raised with my mom and that’s about it- even though her side of the family is pretty big- she had 5 sisters an 2 brothers and all of them had kids and their kids had kids…we were just never really around them because most of them are just trashy people, thieves, druggies or just unreliable in general.

At this point in my life, I still talk to, maybe 2 cousins? All most all of aunts have passed on and I will probably never see my uncles again.

There were a few like my cousin Al and Luke or my aunt “Monkey” that I always liked and was closest with- at this point though- my family basically consists of my wife and son.

I never really knew or had anyone on my dad’s side of my family.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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