175 of 365

There have been times but there is no reason to get into those, they are in the past and people have moved on…however…there is one time that comes to mind that I always find interesting and remember pretty clearly.

I played football in middle school and during a game, the other time had a late hit on Shawn Jones- friendly guy who was friends with everyone so we all really liked him. The hit was late and uncalled for and the way he got hit bent his leg back and we were pretty sure it was broken. He laid on the field, literally screaming and the other team were basically smiling and laughing about it…this was a MIDDLE SCHOOL game…I mean, who the hell cared that much- right?

Well, our entire time pretty much lost it. The next play was just hell on a football field as we all just tackled the other team and didn’t give a shit where the ball was or what was going on. Tackle and knock the shit out of one and jump to another.

It was so bad that the game was called off because they didn’t want to put us back on the field again- all the parents basically had to run down from the stands to keep us separated…it was crazy.

We had to “break down the field” for a week after that- basically it’s where you start a goal line and run to the 10 year line and back, then 20…30…40…50…until you finally run from goal line to goal line…and for a fat kid like me…I think I died several times but they kept bringing me back because I was a good defensive tackle.

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