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Back around 2000- I had moved out from my mom’s house to get an apartment with a girl in 1997 but I wasn’t independent…that didn’t happen until 2000.

I was staying with my mom again but had decided that I would not be “moving back in” so I worked a couple weeks and got my first little apartment in Perryville, KY. I couldn’t afford cable or internet but I had a ton of DVDs to watch. It was extremely boring and shitty but it was mine. That lasted a couple months and then I moved to an apartment in the projects of Danville.

That is when shit got real- I was working two jobs and could afford cable and internet and I was living the bachelor dream!

Sadly- my mom lived in an apartment right across the street…but it was cool because I always had food- from working at fast food places and her.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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