Shark Mode Engaged

Well that was pretty damn quick.

Day two completed and I already feel on top of the damn world- down 9 lbs and headed back in the direction I need to be. A couple more pounds and I will have erased all the screw ups from April, May and most of June- then I can start working on the massive screw up that was March.

I had basically ballooned back up to 340 lbs on Monday…now I’m at 331 lbs. I started June at 328 lbs so I’m pretty sure that I’ll post a loss for June since I still have 4 full days and a 5K on Saturday.

Then I have 6 months to focus on dropping roughly 90 lbs…I dropped 110 lbs in the same time frame in 2018 so I can do it- although it will be much harder. In 2018 it was Jan-Jun….but this time it’s going to be Jul-Dec and that has Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Now- if you put those two 6 month periods together…if I’m successful- that would be 200 lbs in ONE year (with a screw up year in the middle…a screw up/maintain year!)

I feel good and I feel motivated and I need to keep this feeling until, at least, 01.01.2020 so I can hit that goal and then I have the rest of my life to maintain.

If I can just KILL this for 6 months…like I have already done…then I’ll hit that goal and be down to 240 lbs- it’s not years away…it’s not un-doable…it’s RIGHT THERE for me to just reach out and grab! These 6 months will fly by either way so I can hit my goal or gain it all back- THIS is the moment that will either make or break me.

Yesterday I successfully got down to 19/5 intermitted fasting and my goal is 23/1 (OMAD) and 20/4 on the weekends- so that is pretty good too- I’m giving in at those stupid cravings that hit me around 9pm but I’m sticking with Sharketo friendly foods.

Going to try 5:30-8:30pm tonight- I have no problem making it until 5:30pm but the problem hits around 9-10pm and I need to get through that timeframe to be successful- that is been my downfall.

I’m hoping that cramming 1200 calories into one meal will keep me full and get past that point- once I wake up and get to work I’m fine and I’ve been working late so I’m not getting home until 4:30pm so I immediately start working out and then boom- dinner time.

I want to find a couple more 5Ks for this year- CASA Super Hero 5K for sure!

I need to get back into this stuff every single day- #SharketoADED and make this the NUMBER ONE priority for the next 6 months.

I know a lot of folks so me start to gain and doubted me and gave up on me and just figured “here we go…gaining it all back again” but not this time. I even doubt myself but I didn’t stop weighing or starting out each day trying and I didn’t let it get out of hand and just ignore it- I faced my failure every single day and I’m finally starting to see the scale go back the other way.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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